Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Filipino Invasion: Billiards

Filipino Invasion Posts!

Filipino Invasion Billiards Graphic

*Amang Parica and the Filipino Invasion
*Jose Parica Interview

*Bata and Django Win World Cup of Pool
*The Magician at the Derby City Classic
*Caesar Morales at Red's
*Efren Bata Reyes at Red's
*Efren Reyes on Time Magazine

*Efren Reyes: The Working Class Hero
*Efren Reyes Is Still Numero Uno
*Efren Reyes Joins Manny Villar Cup
*King of Billiard Hotshots
*Efren Reyes vs. Austin Murphy in IPT

*Efren Reyes vs. Ronnie Alcano
*Efren Reyes vs. Scott Frost
*Efren, Django, and Rubilen Amit in 9-Ball The Movie
*Just How Great is Efren Bata Reyes?
*Predator Pro School

*Predator Pro Pool School Pictures
*Pool Cues of Efren Bata Reyes - Pictures
*Pool Cues of Efren Reyes - 1
*Pool Cues of Efren Reyes - 2
*Rare Picture of Efren Bata Reyes

*Reyes vs. Strickland
*Support Efren Reyes in the IPT
*Deal or No Deal
*Strickland, Sigel & Reyes
*Efren Reyes vs. Amang Parica

*Efren Reyes at Southridge
*The Magician vs. The Lion
*Bata Reyes vs. Nick Varner
*Team Philippines vs. Team America
*Efren Reyes vs.Jim Rempe

*World's Best Pool Player
*A Genius in Our Midst
*The Magician
*Efren Reyes with Mike Lebron
*Efren vs. Django

*Efren vs. Geronimo
*The Magician vs. Takahashi

*Bustamante at World Pool Masters
*Bustamante is 1st Runner Up at Predator 10-Ball
*Django Bustamante and Daryl Peach
*Francisco Django Bustamante is the DCC All Around Champion
*Francisco Bustamante & Ramil Gallego Enter SMB-QC 9-Ball

*YouTube Video on Diango Bustamante
*Django & Dennis at World Cup of Pool
*Django vs. Fong-Pang Chao
*Bustamante in Predator Straightpool

*Dodong Andam vs. Bert Pasay
*Leonardo Andam and the Deano Pool Cue

*Rodolfo Luat’s Pat Diveney Pool Cue
*Rodolfo Luat, Shane van Boening, and Pat Diveney

"The AnitoKid loves Philippine billiards!"

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