Thursday, April 3, 2008

Health Insurance Quotes At EZ-InsurancePortal!

EZ Insurance Portal Health Insurance GraphicGet health insurance quotes at! A pool player friend of mine from abroad asked me to check out Thus, here are my thoughts. Here are my views. A quick browse of shows that the online site is an insurance portal that covers most major lines of insurance. touts itself to offer real-time quotes from some of the leading insurance providers with the click of a button. What is noticeable about is its belief about insurance. Insurance per se won't make one stop feeling alone. It won’t even provide the warmth of family. However, believes that insurance will always have one’s back – to protect one from all the worst things that could possibly happen. It also advocates insurance as a state of mind. highlights the fact that with insurance, one can have a worry-free state of mind with regards to finances and all. Now, that putting it simply – in words that everyone can understand!

EZ Insurance Portal Health Insurance Image insurance matching service matches consumers with prospective insurers participating in its extensive network of insurance providers, aka participating insurers. To utilize the service, one just simply completes an online form/s that request specific information, e.g., name, address, telephone number, social security number, driver's license number, employment information, and personal references. utilizes the information to determine the best match! Simple, isn’t it?

Another notable feature of is its options for health insurance quotes. These include the free-for-service and the managed care options. The free-for-service health insurance plan allows one the ultimate freedom when it comes to choosing a doctor. One simply chooses what doctor or hospital they want to go to. No ifs. No buts. On the other hand, the managed care option includes HMOs and PPOs. With a managed care plan, one is given a list of physicians and hospitals that are approved by the insurance firm. From there, one can choose which one they want to go to. The benefit of managed care plans is that doctors have working relationships with the insurance company and it costs less than a free-for-service plan. Now, such choices will allow more people to address and accommodate their health insurance needs. And I kid you not!


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