Friday, September 28, 2007

Leonardo "Dodong" Andam Plays Against Bert Pasay at the AMF-Superbowl!

Dodong Andam with the AnitoKid's twins

One of my good friends, Leonardo “Dodong” Andam, a.k.a. The Rattlesnake/Dodong Dadiangas, played against one of Pasay City’s most notable billiard players, Roberto Dy, aka Bert Pasay, at the AMF-Superbowl, home of the Makati Pool Players Association (MAPPA). The match was a race to 15 game with a 7,10 handicap given by Dodong to Bert Pasay.

The first half of the game was characterized by intense defense and safety plays from both players. Neither one wanted to give the other an ounce of advantage during game play. Thus, spectators, including The AnitoKid, were in for the treat of their lives. Safety plays that billiards enthusiasts could only dream of doing were the order of the day! Dangerously accurate kick shots and bank shots from Leonardo wowed the audience too! And oh! Bert Pasay’s legendary strong break could be heard a mile away! He really breaks that hard!

In the latter half, each rack was decided by either a run-out by the player breaking or by a miscue, in which the opposing player grabbed the opportunity to finish out the rack. When the score was tied at 9-9, the play began to take a twist. Indeed, the Rattlesnake was all about focus that night. However, a rare miss on the 8 ball got the audience seeing Bert capitalizing on Dodong’s mistake. The pool player from Pasay, who was sporting a white cap and wearing a yellow tee and a pair of maong pants, never looked back and finished the game at 15-12.

Bert Pasay was unmindful of his victory, treating it as just a win that needed to be bagged like any other. Dodong, in his three-striped blue polo, maong pants, and Fila rubber shoes, looked stunned. He was silent. Really silent. He briefly glanced at me with a confused and bewildered look. All I could do in return was tap my hand against my chest and point to him in a gesture of triumph. He had nothing to be ashamed of. It was just an unlucky break for him on that 8 ball. And everyone knew that it has been more than a year since he last played a match because of his illness. Dodong really put on a great show that night, reminding everyone why he is billed as The Rattlesnake! And I kid you not!

Leonardo "Dodong" Andam
aka The Rattlesnake
Birthdate: August 15, 1958
Current Residence: Taguig City

Notable Achievements

7th-24th Place, 2007 BSCP National Pool Championships
33rd-48th Place, 2006 BSCP National Pool Championships
65th-96th Place, 2006 World Pool Championship
1st Runner-up, 2005 Philippine International Open
Champion, 2000 SMB Match of the Masters

"The AnitoKid, the Real Thing."

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

The First Bloggers' Kapihan Series at the Philippine Science High School in Quezon City!

The AnitoKid and Agi attend the First Bloggers' Kapihan Series
at the Philippine Science High School
in Diliman, Quezon City

Victor Villanueva on how he started blogging

Blogging Beyond the Basics focused on some
of the various aspects of blogging,
e.g., reasons, importance, and trends

PhiSci students

Political Blogging by Manuel Quezon III

Everything has a political aspect

Abe Olandres aka Father of Pinoy blogging getting ready

The forum also included a question-and-answer advisory

Taking a break for some free coffee and donuts

Yugatech and Manual III answer questions
on how to avoid lawsuits

PhiSci student Laurenzo Alba asks about
risks and other concerns related to blogging

A query on what blogging platform to use
and how to go about it

Be anonymous or not?
That is THE question!

Build your credibility by being responsible
for your thoughts and views.

The organizers and moderators
of the first Bloggers' Kapihan series
e.g., Ederic and Shari

More PhiSci students

My Closeness with Abe Olandres of Yugatech

Checking out each other's views and all.
Wait a minute, I think that's Noemi of Touched by an Angel!

Wow! I got a gift just by asking a question!

Really? Then, we're gonna ask one too!

Children of all ages came to listen to
Bikoy, Manolo, and Abe

Preparing some of his gear...

Be different and set yourself apart.
And blogging is a lot of fun, too!

Remember that guys,
we need to find our own niche in the blogoshere!

And don't answer any letter from any law firm!
Believe you me!

Agi with PhiSci's Laurenzo Alba,
who won this giant rainbow-colored carabao
coin bank for his school when he placed first
in a national quiz bee competition.

My Closeness in front of The Philippine Science High School,
one of the country's bests. And I kid you not!

Event Sponsors

Digital Filipino

Pinoy Web Hosting  The AnitoKid Chronikos

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Alex Pagulayan, aka The Lion, Opted Out of The SEA Games!

Billiards sensation Alex Pagulayan, aka The Lion, has opted out of the coming SEA Games in Thailand because of differences with the Billiards and Snooker Congress of the Philippines (BSCP), the sports organization in charge of choosing members of the RP Team to the biennial games. The country's billiards greats, i.e., Efren "Bata" Reyes, aka The Magician, and Francisco "Django" Bustamante, are also out of the Team.

Alex Pagulayan, who won the 8-ball singles, 9-ball doubles with Dennis Orcollo and team snooker with Joven Alba and Leonardo Andam, announced his decision in a bid to preempt the BSCP. The BSCP is reportedly not keen on having The Lion on the RP team anymore because of his post-game antics in the early legs of the Guinness 9-ball Asian Tour.

On a personal note, I honestly feel that Pagulayan, a former world pool champion, would have been a strong medal contender in 8-ball and 9-ball events. I've seen him in action countless times and the Lion reminds me of one of the best known pool players in the United States, Minnesota Fats. You see, Alex is a great billiards player AND a great entertainer. Everybody seems to have a good time with his superb shot-making skills, his jokes and antics, well, excluding his opponents, who, more often than not, are always on the losing end of matches whenever they play Alex. Yes, Alex Pagulayan's antics have gotten on the the nerves of some BSCP members, but it is no excuse to exclude him from the RP Team. The Lion is not just one of the most colorful and talented mainstays in the Philippines, HE IS definitely one of the strongest contenders in any tour! He is the most winningest pool player in the last SEA Games for crying out loud!

And I'll give you another thing to think about and ponder on: Why do you think Efren Reyes and Django Bustamante opted out as well? I'll give you one good guess: POLITICS! I had a talk with Django a couple of days ago at the AMF-Puyat SuperBowl, home of the Makati Square Billiards Association billiards club. Our talk revolved around their decision not to play for the RP Team this year. My good friend cited only one reason for the decision, i.e., PULITIKA. POLITICS. Pool players never liked politics. Nobody does! Politics is an excuse designed to cover up inefficiencies. In any sport. In any organization. And I kid you not!

And oh! The best of luck to my friends, Rubilen Amit, aka Binkay, Iris Ranola, and Mary Anne Basas! They will represent the Philippines in the coming SEA Games. Bingkay and Iris will play in the 9- and 8-ball events, respectively, while Mary Anne will go for gold in 6-ball snookers. Good luck kaibigans!

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Wika 2007 Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners
of the Wika 2007 Contest!

Grand Prize
Tungo sa Pagbabanyuhay by Ding Fuellos

Second Prize
Naykupu! by Ynon

Third Prize
Ang Obra by Feddie Marc S. Perez

Misteryosa Award
‘THE’ Filipino Language: WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS MEAN???
by Frances Paola G. Doplon

A Language We All Need to Learn
by Ayel

Consolation Prizes:

1. [ to follow… ] 2. [ to follow… ]

Much thanks to the sponsors!

Much Thanks to the Judges

And Much Thanks to To All The Participants, Poll voters,
PBS members (Group Blog, Mailing List, Forum, etc.),
and organizers,
Andrea, Bratyfly, dYu, g0ma, and Sarah

"Write Something Interesting. Write About The AnitoKid."

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Filipino Billiards Player Lee Van Corteza is First Runner-Up in the 2007 Guinness 9-Ball Tour!

Congratulations to Filipino billiards sensation Lee Van Corteza, aka Van Van, who placed First Runner-Up in the 2007 Guinness 9-ball Tour Grand Finals held at the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bali, Indonesia. Corteza lost to Taiwan's Chang Jun-ling (11-8). Chang won the $36,000 top prize and the 2007 Asia Pool King title. Van Van, the cue artist from Davao City, got $10,000.

Corteza defeated Taiwan's Wu Chia-ching (11-9) in the semifinals to arrange the titular showdown with Chang.

Grand Final Results
Champion (US$36,000) - Chang Jung-Lin (TPE)

Runner-Up (US$10,000) - Lee Van Corteza (PHI)

Joint-third (US$5,400)
Wu Chia-Ching (TPE)
Yang Ching-Shun (TPE)

Preliminaries - 3rd Place (US$2,400)
Ronato Alcano (PHI)
Chao Fong-Pang (PHI)

Preliminaries – 4th Place (US$2,200)
Dharmindar Singh Lilly (IND)
Ibrahim Amir (MAS)

Preliminaries – 5th Place (US$2,000)
Ricky Yang (INA)
Bernard Tey (SIN)

Lee Van Corteza's Titles and Tours

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Attend the First Bloggers' Kapihan!

Filipino bloggers are cordially invited to the launching of the 1st Bloggers’ Kapihan series. In coordination with Kabataan Party and, Bloggers’ Kapihan will present “Blogging Beyond the Basics” forum on September 8, 2007, 2 PM at the Philippine Science High School campus in Quezon City. Speakers at the event include Abraham Olandres (pro-and-techie blogger), Manuel Quezon III (political blogger), and Victor Villanueva (student blogger).

Bloggers’ Kapihan aims to bring together Filipino bloggers to discuss issues and concerns affecting the blogosphere and the youth in general. It also focuses on providing a venue for young bloggers to meet one another and expand networks inside and outside the blogosphere. Its sponsors include Club and Pinoy Web Hosting Solutions.

And I kid you not when I say that coffee and donuts are free at the event! Freebies will also be given away by Google and, as well as web hosting packages at domains from BK crew! Only 60 seats are available! So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your seats by posting a comment at ederic@cyberspace or Bloggers' Kapihan!

Please email sponsorship queries at

The Will To Win: Manny Pacquiao Vs. Marco Antonio Barrera

After a short bout with the flu, Manny Pacquiao, aka Pacman, was back in the gym again Monday, September 3, 2007. Manny Pacquiao started the day with a 30-minute run before sparring six good rounds at the RWS Gym in Cebu.

The 28-year-old Pacquiao was down over the weekend but after a brief rest and some medication, Manny was up and played basketball with local journalists Sunday morning. Trainer Freddie Roach wouldn't have any of it amidst concerns of possible injuries, e.g., sprained ankle or a pulled muscle, which could mean a huge difference in his upcoming fight with Marco Antonio Barrera, who he stopped in the 11th round in November 2003 in San Antonio, Texas. After a serious talk with Freddie Roach about it, the Pacman agreed that last Sunday’s basketball stint would be the last. At least for now. :)

Freddie Roach, the two-time Trainer of the Year, assured boxing fans that Manny Pacquiao’s brief bout with the flu would not in any way set back their timetable. Roach even added that the forced break could prove helpful because The Pacman is already ahead of schedule. With only 32 days left before the big fight, Roach plans to shift their training to Los Angeles on Sept. 22, 2007. The 12-round pay-per-view fight is billed "The Will to Win". The match will be held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is being promoted by Top Rank's Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions' Oscar De La Hoya.

Although Marco Antonio Barrera is turning 34 in January 2008, he has a reputation of giving an unbelievable and spectacular performance when everybody counts him out. He is very determined and very focused on winning. And it goes without saying that Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach know about these. Yes, Pacquiao's decision to cut short his training at the Wild Card in favor of Cebu wasn't a very good idea. However, I feel that Freddie Roach 's decision to follow Manny to Cebu was a good thing and made up for it. And I think that Roach's plans to shift the Pacman's training in Los Angeles come September 22 would do the Filipino pugilist more good than harm in his upcoming bout. And I kid you not!

Good luck Manny!

"Box It Out With The AnitoKid."

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Da Daily Donkey Goes to the Philippine Congress' System on Spending and Financial Accountability!

Da Daily Donkey
Found this interesting read from my kabayan, Alecks Pabico. Though published in July 2007, the post does contain surprising facts on the perks alloted to members of the Philippine Congress.

Days before the 14th Congress opened, Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya Jr. humored neophyte members of the House of Representatives about the enviable perks enjoyed by lawmakers. "You have flexible time. Pwede kang pumasok, pwedeng hindi (You may or may not go to work) yet still get your salary.” Then, he warned them not to make the mistake of paying for meals and drinks at the Batasan Pambansa's South Lounge as it is their privilege to be served free food.

The A-Kid: I don't find it humorous at all, Mr. Andaya! Not one bit!

When Jose de Venecia Jr.'s turn came his turn to give the freshman legislators a briefing, he announced even more entitlements for members of the Lower House, i.e., an annual P1-million foreign travel allotment, and allocations for additional staff and maintenance of their respective district offices. There's even a new building in the works to house new offices for the congressmen.

The A-Kid: More entitlements? MAHIYA NAMAN KAYO! A new building in the works? How about building houses for the poor for a change? Or new schools, perhaps?

Did you know that each member of the Philippine Congress gets a monthly salary of P35,000, PLUS, annual pork-barrel allocations amounting to Php70 million (Php20 million in Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and Php50 million as congressional allocation for public works projects?

The A-Kid: Now, that is serious money!

And hey! Did you know about their other entitlements? Apart from salary and pork barrel? From the Commission on Audit's annual published itemized lists: expenses for district staff allocation, contractual consultants, research, consultative local travel, communication, supplies, and allocations for a public affairs fund, central office staff, equipment/furniture and fixtures, and other maintenance and operating expenses (MOE).

The A-Kid: I was breathless there for a whileI thought the list was an endless one!

What the Public Spent for the Upkeep of Each Member
of the House of Representatives in 2005
Basic Salary
Foreign Travel
District Staff Allocation
Contractual Consultants
Consultative Local Travel
Public Affairs Fund
Central Office Staff
Equipment/Furniture and Fixtures
Other MOE
  • Source: Commission on Audit
    *Figures for Foreign Travel, Consultative Local Travel, Central Office Staff and Equipment/Furniture and Fixtures are average amounts. The rest are uniform for all congressmen.

The COA lists do not even include expenses of legislators as committee members and officers which, in 2005, amounted to over P92 million. In 2004, the House spent about P77 million on these expenses.

Annual and Monthly Upkeep of Each Member of the House of Representatives
  • Source: Commission on Audit

"Each House member's district staff allocation has been increased to P650,000 annually. MOE also ballooned to P600,000 in 2005 from the previous year's P411,000. Meanwhile, expenses on consultative local travel and central office staff were at their highest in the same year at over P788,000 and close to P2 million, respectively, per congressman."

The A-Kid: Now, that is giving the phrase, Big Spender, a run for its money!

Annual Average Amounts Paid to Foreign Travel of Members
of the House of Representatives
  • Source: Commission on Audit"
  • Foreign travel expenses in 2005 also was double the 2004 amount at an average of P221,000 each House member. The total bill paid for by the government for the overseas trips of 170 congressmen was P59,413,412.82."

    The A-Kid: It's like going around the world in 80 days....80 times.

Top 10 Spenders on Foreign Travel Among Members
of the House of Representatives in 2005
Antonio Cuenco
Roque Ablan Jr.
Monico Puentevella
Emilio Espinosa Jr.
Ernesto Nieva
Juan Miguel Zubiri
Abdullah Dimaporo
Hermilando Mandanas
Arnulfo Fuentebella
Reylina Nicolas
  • Source: Commission on Audit
    * List does not declare the foreign travel expenses of House Speaker Jose de Venecia.

  • "Because maintenance, operating, and other expenses of House members are consolidated with their basic salary in the payroll and classified as "outright expenses," these are no longer subject to liquidation, which means that congressmen do not have to account for these funds."

    The A-Kid: No need to account for such funds? It's all simple math, kabayan! Besides, having a check-and-balance system is always better than none.

As reported in The Rulemakers:
  • They are not expected to submit a payroll of their district staff or report their function, salaries and withholding taxes. No one starts asking if they do not produce a report on the research their offices should supposedly undertake. There is no demand for them to produce the list of consultants they have hired, as well as the contracts they draw up for those whose services they need. As fas as the current (lack of) rules go, how the legislators spend their public affairs fund is their business and business alone.

    The A-Kid: But you're not private individuals anymore. That is why you're called public servants in the first place. You were elected by the people.

  • "The generous perks do not end there. The House Speaker is himself a source of funds with a vast discretionary largesse at his disposal. From this are mostly drawn the representatives' monthly allowances (which can range from P50,000 to P100,000), Christmas bonuses (P100,000 to 200,000), as well as the "payoffs" for votes during speakership contests and "appearance fees" (P50,000 as minimum) for attending plenary sessions to vote on crucial national bills."

The A-Kid: Merry Christmas, ser!

"Under de Venecia, who has won an unprecedented fifth term as Speaker, the 14th House is not likely to veer away from the usual practice. Isn't it high time that the public demanded greater financial accountability from their representatives?"

The A-Kid: Aba! Dapat lang! But come to think of it, House members should have the decency to do it even in the absence of public clamor. They are public officials; officials that have been elected by the people to look after the interests of the people and of the country. Thus, it goes without saying that financial accountability goes with the territory! And I kid you not!

"We hang the petty thieves
and appoint the great ones to public office."

"Add It All Up With the AnitoKid."

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