Monday, July 14, 2008

Pool Cue for Sale: Pat Diveney Birdseye Billiards Cue!

Pat Diveney Cue GraphicBilliards buddies, pool players, and fans, check out this beautiful Pat Diveney pool cue for sale! This pool cue for sale was made by custom cue maker Pat Diveney for my good friend, Filipino pool player Rodolfo Luat, aka Boy Samson. The pool cue features a birdseye butt and forearm. Check it out!

Pat Diveney Cue ImageThat is one cool leather wrap from Pat Diveney! Truth be told, I always love the way Pat's wrap feels in my shooting hand! And IT IS real leather, friends! Note those interlocking rings, everyone!

Pat Diveney Custom Cue GraphicYou are not dreaming nor seeing double, friends! Yes, that's right, this brand new, never been used Pat Diveney pool cue comes with two (2) shafts!

Pat Diveney Custom Cue Image
The pool cue shafts feature matching ringworks. And believe it or not, that is a G10 radial pin you are looking at! The butt of this Diveney connects to the shaft via a real wood-to-wood finish for one great hitting pool cue!

Pat Diveney Custom Cue GraphicFor those not in the know, Pat Diveney is one great guy to deal with! Pat is a custom cuemaker in eastern Iowa who has developed a great following not just in that area and the whole of the United States, but all over the world! And believe you me, friends, Pat's cues are beautiful - stunningly beautiful! Their hit? It is just awesome - believe you me!

Did you know that two of the world's best known pool players use Pat Diveney pool cues! They are Filipino pool player Rodolfo Luat and Shane Van Boening of the United States! Check out their pool cues here, friends! Rudy's ebony-ivory cue and Shane's Diveney!

Pat Diveney Custom Cue GraphicThis brand new Pat Diveney pool cue for sale is one great buy friends! It is one nice cue for the money! Indeed, you will be very pleased with this beautiful Diveney! And I kid you not! Send your inquiries and all to

Update: Cue sold!

"The AnitoKid loves Diveney Cues!"

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