Friday, July 25, 2008

Iris Ranola Ties Liz Ford for Predator 9-Ball Tour Jim Murnak Women's Open!

Iris Ranola and Liz Ford GraphicMore news on Filipino pool player Iris Ranola, everyone! Since her arrival in the United States in February 2008, Iris Ranola, who trained under Coach Edgar Boyet Asonto, has become one of the most respected female pool players on the Northeast regional circuit. Believe it or not, Iris has collected a number qualifiers from different billiards tours and all!

And guess what? Iris Ranola’s dominance continued at the Predator 9-Ball Tour Jim Murnak Women's Open - July 19-20, 2008 - at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, New Jersey! Iris Ranola rolled through the winners side of the bracket, taking a spot in the hot-seat with a 7-3 victory over Caroline Pao!

Meanwhile, Liz Ford dropped an earlier match to Caroline Pao. However, some noise she did in the one-loss bracket! Liz Ford won against Emily Duddy in the left-side semifinal, before dominating her second matchup with Pao with a 7-1 win!

With the Predator 9-Ball Tour Jim Murnak Women's Open stretching into the late hours, both Liz Ford and Iris Ranola agreed to split the title!

Congratulations Iris! Congratulations Liz!

Predator 9-Ball Tour
Jim Murnak Women's Open

1. (tie) Iris Ranola, Liz Ford $450
3. Caroline Pao $300
4. Emily Duddy $200
5. (tie) Olga Gashkova, Asia Cycak $150

"It's always a win with The Anitokid!"

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