Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The LifeLock Promo Code and Identity Theft Protection!

I just read an interesting identity theft story online, billiards friends and pool players! A woman from Duncanville, Texas was sentenced to 38 years behind bars for stealing the identities of 78 individuals! Labeled as one of the largest identity theft cases against a person ever in the Dallas area, the story focuses on a 42-year-old woman who stole tens of thousands of dollars through credit cards while she was working at three different fast food restaurants. While the woman was working as a dietitian aide at a retirement community, she stole the identity of 14 elderly patients! And what did the woman do with the stolen identities? She used them to get credit cards, gift cards, and cellular phones! Wow! The story indeed gives me the creeps!

LifeLock Graphic

And I’m glad there’s the identity theft protection service of! Of all the identity theft protection programs currently on the market, only LifeLock backs theirs with a $1,000,000 total service guarantee! And I kid you not! it goes without saying that the LifeLock $1 million guarantee to resolve issues related to the theft also comes when avails the service with the LifeLock promo code! One has absolute peace of mind knowing that the LifeLock guarantee will take care of attorneys, accountants, investigators, case managers — any professional assistance needed to realize that one’s credit and your good name are restored to the fullest!

With the LifeLock promotion code, everyone and anyone can continually protect their good name and credit standing – the easy way – and without any hassle! Because with regards to anything related to identity theft protection, LifeLock sure knows what is best!


Anonymous said...

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THE ANiTOKiD said...

Am glad you liked the post!


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