Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Meet Up with Karim Belhaj of Predator Cues!

Predator P3 Pool Cue GraphicBilliards buddies, pool players, and fans of the cuesport, guess who flew into town! 'Twas none other than Karim Belhaj, CEO and President of Predator Cues! Karim and I had a meet up at the hotel he was staying at and talked about billiards and pool-related topics for more than two hours! No kidding!

Karim brought with him these wonderful pool cues - one complete set of Predator Ikon line of pool cues, the Predator BK2 with the new Sport wrap, the Poison VX Lady and CY Lady cues, and lest I forget - the much awaited Predator P3!

Hope you enjoy the pics, friends!

Predator BK2 Break Cue GraphicKarim's case filled with Predator Cues' new line of pool cues!

Predator BK2 Break Cue GraphicFirst on the line is the Predator BK2 break cue with the new Sport wrap! Truth be told, the Sport wrarp is one great addition to the world's most popular break cue! The Sport wrap is made in such a way that it features two grip areas - two grip feel! And as Karim put it, "Instead of you holding the cue, it almost feels like the wrap is holding your hand."

Predator BK2 Break Cue GraphicThe Predator BK2 Sports pictured above is the working prototype. When it debuts - and it will be very soon - only the Predator Cat will be visible on the forearm. The Predator BK2 logo will also be on the forearm, albeit in a different sort-of-way, i.e., in a color scheme that blends in with the actual color of the BK2's forearm.

Predator BK2 Break Cue Sports GraphicThe Predator Cat logo on the Sports grip
of the BK2 break cue is laser etched, everyone!

Predator P3 GraphicOnly the Predator P3 pool cue could make me let go of the Predator BK2 break cue! This is the Predator P3 prototype, friends! Do notice the Predator Cat logo laser-etched in the chrome butt cap!

Predator P3 Pool Cue GraphicHere is another angle on the Predator P3 pool cue, which integrates 30 pieces and reinforced joint that come together seamlessly for one incredibly solid feel and one dangerously accurate pool cue!

Predator P3 Pool Cue ImageDo you notice anything new here? Check out the laser-etched Predator Cat logo on the Leather Luxe+ wrap of the P3!

Predator P3 Pool Cue GraphicThe three-layer Leather Luxe+ wrap that has built-in absorption materials! The Leather Luxe+ is a softer-than-leather, moisture-absorption wrap. It is made of three distinct layers, i.e., poly-urethane, which lets humidity and sweat pass through to the second layer so that your hand stays dry; cushion, which absorbs and releases the moisture; and sealer, which is the layer closest to the cue – it protects and blocks the cue from moisture, thus increasing its longevity!

Predator P3 Pool Cue GraphicWhen the Predator P3 pool cue makes its official debut, it will feature a black Uni-Loc joint! You just have to admire that cool chrome! Absolutely stunning!

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues GraphicThe P3 and BK2 Sports - one great pair of pool cues from Predatorll

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues ImageRumor has it that Predator Cues will soon be doing some billiards events in the country! And guess who made that special request for Shanelle Loraine's official debut in the Philippines? That will be an event I will not miss for the world! :)

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues ImageHere are more pictures of the P3 playing cue and BK2 break cue!

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues GraphicCoolness!

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues GraphicCheck it out, friends! That's the Predator Ikon 7 pool cue!
It's my favorite of the Ikon lot!

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues ImageThe Predator Ikon 7 pool cue features an ebony forearm adorned with turquoise and micarta floating points! I have said it before, and I will say it again - the Ikon 7 is a work of art!

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues ImageCheck out the forearms of these beauties!

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues ImageAnd for your viewing pleasure, friends!
The different wraps of Predator Cues' much-awaited pool cues!

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues Graphic

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues GraphicNothing less but Uni-Loc joints are used by Predator Cues!

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues GraphicTruth be told, these three I loved the most!

Predator P3 Ikon 7 BK2 Pool Cues Image

Karim Belhaj and Sebastian Chua GraphicSigned. Sealed. And delivered. The AnitoKid with Karim Belhaj and Mr. Sebastian Chua. The meetup with Karim started at 10:30 AM and ended around 12:45 PM. Mr. Chua arrived at about 12 PM for a scheduled lunch-out with Karim. Karim formally introduced me to Mr. Chua, who is the Director of Star Paper Corp., Predator Cues' official distributor in the Philippines.

I had to politely decline their invitation to join them for lunch because of my scheduled 1:30 PM meet with my billiards instructor and friend, Mr. Lester Dulawan, of Pool Players Academy.

Here's looking forward to your next visit to the Pool Capital of the world, Karim! And yes, we will shoot some pool! And I kid you not!

"The AnitoKid never loves Predator!"

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Anonymous said...

I love the P2 I have and am really considering going to the P3, the thing I like most about the P2 is the thinner but than most cues and without a weight bolt I can get it to a lower weight of 17.6. Did the P3 seem as thin as the P2? and can you take to weight bolt out to achieve a weight in the 17's oz range.
thanks, Pat Juhlin

THE ANiTOKiD said...

I believe that the P3's weight starts at 18.5, buddy.

Will advise you once I have one in my hands, bro.

Thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Great blog & pictures. I just received the P3 yesterday with the Z shaft n weighting in at 19.5.. spent an hour just admiring this beauty. Predator did a fantastic job putting this one together, looking sorta plain from a distance but cool as ice up close.

Wow, that trio on the table is true dynamite.

Cheers from the States,

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Thanks, Jimbo!
And good luck on your game, buddy!


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