Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Predator Ikon Pool Cues: New Line of Pool Cues from Predator Cues!

Predator Cues GraphicBilliards buddies, pool players, and fans of the cue sport, I just saw one interesting page at Predator Cues’ official website – the Predator Ikon pool cues!

From what I could gather and all, the Predator Ikon pool cues integrate Predator’s C4 technology, which is designed to take everyone’s game to the next level via straighter, more accurate shots! And what is just the Predator C4 technology? Four expertly crafted wedges are fit snugly together, slipped into a sleeve of exotic wood and reinforced with phenolic – for one sturdy feel! The four pieces making up the core of Predator C4 eliminates the need for the treaded weight bolt that joins the forearm and handle of a typical cue. Moreover, phenolic is used to replace wood wherever possible to significantly minimize instances of warping, raised rings, and cracking, thus, the Predator Ikon pool cues hold up for the long haul!

Predator Ikon Pool Cues Graphic

And because the Predator Ikon pool cues integrate the Predator C4 technology, it could only mean one thing - that the four-piece cores are slipped into some of the most beautifully inlayed, exotic wood sleeves ever made by Predator Cues! These include ebony and floating, ebony, cocobolo, snakewood, and micarta inlays, abalone diamonds, curly maple, turquoise, and tulipwood points, and more!

But wait, we’re not done yet! The Predator Ikon pool cues make use of the cushioned Leather Luxe wrap, a softer-than-leather, moisture-absorption wrap designed by Predator Cues designed for maximum comfort and performance. I guess the much-talked about Leather Luxe wrap is all about bringing luxury and confidence to the pool table in every single shot!

And because it’s from Predator, the Predator Ikon line of pool cues promise:

Greater accuracy - Predator shafts are technologically engineered to allow the cue ball to push the shaft aside instead of the shaft pushing the cue ball off line.

More spin - Predator pool cues generate more spin than any traditional cue, making it easier to draw, follow, and move the cue ball around the table.

Solid feel – it’s all about the pure transfer of energy! Predator produces less vibration and leaves pool players with very solid, positive feedback from their pool cues.

Predator Ikon Pool Cue Image

My favorite of the lot? I absolutely adore the Predator Ikon 7 pool cue with its ebony forearm adorned with turquoise and micarta floating points! It’s not just a beautiful pool cue – it is a work of art! And I kid you not!

"The AnitoKid loves Predator Cues!"

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