Friday, July 18, 2008

Uly Catanghal Wins YoYo Billiards Club Championship!

Yoyo Billiards Club GraphicChampion Uly Catanghal and 1st Runner-Up Mike Salazar
with Vic Trinidad, Roy, and Rene Sia

Congratulations to my billiards buddy, Uly Catanghal, for winning the July 11, 2008 Open Tournament of the YOung and the Young Once Billiards Club (YoYo) at the Hobbies of Asia billiards hall!

'Twas an exciting finals match as Uly bagged the championship trophy and Php1,000 first prize via a shut out! Yes, you've read right, friends - it was an amazing shut out run by the well-liked founder of the YoYo Billiards Club! And I kid you not!

Drinks and food overflowed as Uly treated everyone to their heart's content after that unforgettable win! Again, congratulations Uly for winning the championship! Mabuhay!

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