Sunday, July 20, 2008

Football Picks, NFL Picks, & College Football Picks at AddictSports!

Menandro Limbo, one of my online billiards friends, sent me a cool link to check out – AddictSports is a sports forum/message board with a ton of links in it! These include sites on baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and more! At this point in time, AddictSports has more than 64,000 threads from almost 12,000 members! Wow! That’s a lot of forum members in my book! Or in anyone’s book, mind you!

AddictSports Graphic

What makes AddictSports interesting as a sports forum/messasge board is the organization of the topics found at the site – they are very well organized! Take for example its baseball section, which includes topics about the sport that are further separated into their respective threads. These include topics pertaining to the sport’s history, the Big League, and current developments. AddictSports also further breaks up the teams into their respective regions and all! Coolness!

Another great feature at AddictSports is its football section, which talks about football picks, NFL picks, and college football picks, and more! AddictSports’ Gridiron section also elaborates on talk trades, free agents, and what-have-you’s with regards to the NFL. And just like its baseball section, AddictSports’ football sections are further subdivided into threads according to a team’s regional location and all! Moreover, it has a college football thread that focuses chiefly on college kids that play for school pride!

But wait, there’s more! AddictSports also has a football archive section for those wanting to check out the oldies but goodies about football at AddictSports. And yes, AddictSports also has a free newsletter for all sports fans! And I kid you not!


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