Friday, July 18, 2008

REO: Real Estate Owned Training Course!

Reo-Reo GraphicDwight Alejo, a billiards buddy from Marist School, is looking for some money making opportunities. One of his relatives used to be in real estate and this fact gave him an idea to look for such opportunities in that niche. How so? For starters, foreclosures were up 115% in the US last year! And a good number of industry analysts forecasts that the number will increase considerably this year! And I kid you not!

Such information made Dwight realize the importance of REO or real estate owned. REO works as follows: A bank forecloses on a house, and then tries its best to auction it off. When the auction fails, and believe you me, a lot do, the bank looks for qualified agents to handle the selling of the said property. Consequently, a successful sale leads to a generous commission for the agent!

And my search on the Internet for REO led me to, which offers a simple guide to enter this niche market. features a step-by-step system for listing and selling bank foreclosures. A quick browse of the site reveals that the site owner got his real estate license in May 2000, and has realized over 100 transactions per year for the last 7 years! And get this, in his best month, he closed 23 transactions and earned $69,813 in commissions! He is also currently on a roll and is on track in closing over 197 transactions this year for an anticipated $750,000 in commissions! Wow! That is a ton of money in my book! But we’re not done yet! features similar stories and more at its REO Training Success Stories page!

And here’s the good news, friends! The site offers a brand new REO training course aimed at teaching anyone the strategies used to get started in the REO niche! Thus, those new at REO will avoid key mistakes, which are often costly. For those dreaming of success and being rich and all, the REO training course might just be your ticket to fortune!


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