Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pool Cue Wielding Man Killed!

Billiards Violence GraphicBilliards friends, pool players and fans, I just saw his interesting read. It is not actually pool-related violence, everyone. And I kid you not! Read on to find out!

From Man killed holding a pool cue:

A homeowner shot and killed another man Sunday night after he was charged at with a pool cue. Police have now identified the shooting victim as 29-year-old Abraham Mariscal of Phoenix. The homeowner/shooter has been identified as 49-year-old Sheldon Randolf of Mesa.

According to police, a woman called 9-1-1 around 11 p.m. Sunday night saying her boyfriend was "going crazy" and police were needed.
As police responded to the home near Southern Avenue and Val Vista Drive, they heard several gun shots in the area.

Officers said they found Mariscal shot by Randolf.

According to the initial investigation, Mariscal was at his girlfriend's house when he grabbed a billiards stick and started hitting things inside the residence.
Mesa police say he then went outside and continued to cause a disturbance. Randolf went outside and was confronted by the man with the stick. That's when police believe Mariscal started running toward the homeowner.

Randolf was on his own property and armed with a gun. The homeowner shot the man as he came toward him, according to Mesa police.

Mariscal died at the scene.

Possible charges in this case are still being considered.

Gun law expert and author Alan Korwin said the legal trends favor homeowners and business owners in these situations, but it has to be clear that your life is being threatened.

"Chasing someone and shooting them is not self-defense," he said.

Arizona recently passed the Castle Doctrine, which presumes homeowners are being threatened when someone breaks into their home. "That doesn't mean it's OK to shoot some drunk kid who might have accidentally entered your home," Korwin explained. He also said if you shoot someone who is running away, the law will likely not back you. "If you are not clearly being threatened then don't shoot," he said. "If you are, then don't miss."

"We are living in the age of The AnitoKid !"

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