Saturday, July 5, 2008

Billiards Trivia & Facts!

Billiards Facts and Trivia GraphicBilliards friends, pool players, and fans, here is another set of billiards trivia! And I kid you not! The billiards facts come from Byrne's Standard Website of Pool and Billiards, and have been compiled by Robert Byrne. Enjoy!

In 1792, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette play billiards on the eve of their imprisonment. Her cue is said to have been fashioned from a single elephant tusk decorated with gold inlays. Records show that she beat the king in those final games. In the words of American writer John Grissim, "The woman was in stroke, but so was her executioner."

Thomas Jefferson plans to install a billiard table in Monticello but is thwarted by the state, which bans the game.

The first book in English devoted entirely to the game appears: E. White's A Practical Treatise on the Game of Billiards, London, 1807.

While in exile on St. Helena, Napoleon, an enthusiastic player, happily receives a table sent to him from England.

George Washington plays a game or two with the visiting French General Lafayette.

In about 1815, a French political prisoner, Captain Francois Mingaud, discovers the amazing things that can be done with a cueball if a leather tip is put on the cue. He asks for his sentence to be extended so he can continue his researches. Upon his release he tours Europe giving exhibitions of trick shots that are so dazzling that some observers see the devil's hand.

In 1828, John Quincy Adams installs a table in the presidential quarters, leading to congressional criticism of his "gambling furniture."

In 1833, a billiard table is hauled by mule train to Bent's Fort in Colorado on the Santa Fe Trail.

In 1838, Queen Victoria installs a billiard table in Windsor Castle.

In 1846, Pius IX installs a billiard table in the Vatican.

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