Saturday, July 19, 2008

Predator 9-Ball Tour: Jim Murnak Women's Open 9-Ball Tournament!

Jim Murnak Women's Open 9-Ball Tournament GraphicTo my billiards buddies, pool players, and cue sports fans, Jim Murnak Custom Cue Cases ( has chosen the Predator 9-ball Tour to host it's first Women's Open 9-ball event, July 19 and 20, 2008, at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, New Jersey!

Jim Murnak has always been a strong supporter of the women in our sport and decided it was time to collaborate with the Predator 9-ball Tour to arrange for an event that's all about the women of billiardsfemale pool players!

Did you know that this is the first women's event for the Predator 9-ball Tour? Yes, it is! And I kid you not!

So what are you waiting for, pool friends? Grab your Predator Blak cue case and get your Predator Sneaky Pete, Predator P2 pool cue, Predator BK2 break cue, and Predator Air jump cue ready!

Predator 9-Ball Tour Details:

Comet Billiards
233 Littleton Rd.
Parsippany, NJ 11104

Entry Fees
$100 Open/Pro
$75 A/B
$50 C/D

*Annual registration fee of $20 for all new players

Player Meeting 11am
Tournament Starts at NOON
64 Player Fields
Double Elimination
Races to 7
Rack Your Own
Alternate Breaks
No Soft Breaks Allowed
Doors Open at 10am
Registration Closes at 11 am
Matches Start at Noon

Important notes:

C/D Handicaps The top finishing C/D player who does not cash will receive $100. Minimum 10 C/D players must participate in the tournament. In the event of a tie, the C/D player to earn the most racks in their final match will be the highest finisher. Reporting scores to the tour director is the player's responsibility.

To pay the normal entry fee at the Tour Finale of this Predator 9-Ball Tour, one must have competed in at least 3 Predator 9-ball events during the season. Otherwise, you will pay double to enter plus the registration fee if you are a new player.

"The AnitoKid is on the move!"

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