Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Payroll Services at National PEO LLC!

National PEO LLC GraphicMy billiards buddy, Jun Diamante, asked me to check out some sites offering human resources outsourcing services. Jun is looking for one with experience in all aspects of human resources outsourcing for his distribution business.

A quick browse of the World Wide Web revealed a ton of information and all, with one particular site that caught my attention – National PEO LLC. Founded in 1999, National PEO has experience in all aspects of human resources outsourcing and is geared up to handle a wide range of back office tasks. These include HR consulting, payroll services, and recruiting. National PEO has more than 30 years of combined executive experience in outsourcing workers compensation and payroll services, thus, rest assured that it will always put one’s company’s well being at the forefront.

I am pretty sure that my pool player friend will be very impressed with National PEO, particularly its status as a leading provider of PEO services to hundreds of companies in Arizona and the rest of the United States. After all, National PEO leads the curve in innovation, via leadership and setting the pace for PEO Best Practices. And I kid you not! Lest I forget, check out National PEO’s E Verify to find out how it can help companies stay compliant with the Arizona Legal Workers Act. Don’t delay! Let National PEO take it from here!


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as long as National PEO LLC! provides good payroll services that's good...

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