Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Billiards Trivia: 8 Ball Stout Beer!

Billiards Trivia Graphic

I was reading some of the blogs of my online pool player buddies and pals when I stumbled upon this interesting billiards fact:

Eight Ball Stout Beer Graphic

Samm D of The Tip Jar was wandering the Earth Fare in Asheville, North Carolina, when she came across the beer in the picture. You can see why it caught her eye – and my attention to boot! And I kid you not!

Like Samm D, I am not promoting beer or drinking! Both Samm D and I are curious if anyone has tried the 8 Ball Stout Beer! And I guess Samm D said it best, “What the heck does Eight Ball knows about beer!

Billiards supplies, anyone?

*Credits for the pictures and thoughts go to Samm D of The Tip Jar

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Samm said...

But, Samm D is a "she"

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Ooops! My mistake! My sincerest apologies, Samm!


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