Friday, July 25, 2008

Casino Bonus Info at OnlineCasinosDir!

OnlineCasinosDir GraphicA billiards buddy, Generoso V. Ferrer, is leaving for the greener pastures of life this weekend. We said out goodbyes at the office yesterday amidst great food and drinks. During the course of our conversation, my pool player friend asked for a favor. Generoso wanted to know about online casinos, with emphasis on casino bonus. You see, my buddy fears that it could be quite a lonely experience in the first few months abroad and he wanted to pass away the time playing on online casinos. I completely understand my billiards buddy. And I kid you not! Always ready with my online search tools, I browsed the World Wide Web information retrieval system and came upon, which is a directory of the best online casinos and gambling sites offering casino games with real money payouts.

OnlineCasinosDir has a nice take on casino bonuses, which are quite exclusive to online casinos as opposed to land-based ones. The casino bonuses are a way for online casinos to welcome anyone, and everyone, rewarding players for their first deposit and a way to make online gamblers come back for more. What is interesting is that online casinos often give returning gamblers bonuses or incentives for subsequent deposits and have designed a comp system that gives one a so-called cash back for continued play. Lest I forget, each online casino will set its own requirements for bonuses, e.g., play through requirements. Such set a certain amount that one must play their bonus before requesting a cash out.

And oh! OnlineCasinosDir also provides relevant information on casino bonus along with online casino reviews of some of the Internet’s most popular casinos! Moreover, the online directory features an online casino news section that tackles recent online gambling events. In addition, OnlineCasinosDir has a rules and advice pages for online bingo, roulette, blackjack, craps, online slots, Texas holdem, and video poker. Indeed, OnlineCasinosDir is one interesting read!


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Thank for the information, online casinosdir provides good informations about online casino.

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You're welcome, my friend!


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