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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The AnitoKid Chronikos Is One of The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007!

This just in! Here is the 11th and last summary of entries and their choices in Ms. Janette Toral's The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007. And guess what - The AnitoKid is #8 in the list!

And I kid you not!

The writing project garnereed a total of 205 participants citing 525 blogs. This is the overall ranking of the blogs mentioned in these entries, as of today:
  1. An Apple a Day
    The Philosophical Bastard
  2. The D Spot
  3. CokskiBlue
  4. Make Money Online with a 13-Year Old
  5. Culture Shiok!
  6. Kubiertos
  7. FruityOaty
  8. The Anitokid Chronikos
    The Dork Factor
  9. Gibbs Cadiz
  10. Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic

Much thanks to the following friends for nominating The AnitoKid

Maraming, maraming, maraming,maraming salamat po!

Nota Bene:

A total of 58 new blogs were cited from the said entries.
Here is the overall list of the blogs mentioned this week:
  1. CokskiBlue
    The Philosophical Bastard
  2. PinoyBlogero
    The D Spot
  3. Happy Slip Productions
    The Anitokid Chronikos
    The Dork Factor
  4. Gibbs Cadiz
    It's not only fruity, it's oaty!
    The Broken Bow
  5. An Apple a Day
    Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic
  6. Make Money Online with a 13-Year Old
    Culture Shiok!
    Puckering Time
  7. Green Pinoy
    Loving Carlo
  8. Baguio Below
    Blog and Soul Movement
    Go Elyen
    Lakwatsera Ako
    Mental Fixation
    Mindanao Bloggers
    OFW Life
    Pilipinas Street Plan
    Pinoy Moms Network
    Study Driving
    Tales from the Moonless Sky
    The Blue Addiction
    The Vegan Prince

The following blogs got one mention each

Masterlist of Entries
The following are included in the raffle on August 1 where 10 winners
will be drawn and shall win US$100 each.
  1. C5
  2. Rexted
  3. Aileen Apolo
  4. Radueriel
  5. Leyteño
  6. Em Dy
  7. Stephanie Caragos
  8. Zubli Zainordin
  9. Ryan Shamus
  10. Ja Kel Daily
  11. Hoop
  12. Chris
  13. Damsel_SEO
  14. Andoy
  15. ChrisH
  16. Manuel Viloria
  17. Blogie
  18. BetShopBoy
  19. Jonathan Phillips
  20. Sorren Galiza
  21. AbbyLim
  22. thegrapebunch
  23. lateralus
  24. this eclectic life
  25. Dennis Rito
  26. ww-success
  27. Shari
  28. pusa
  29. David Ledoux
  30. Happy Lizzette
  31. Fjordan Allego
  32. the philosophical bastard
  33. Noemi
  34. Agent Grey
  35. Cliff
  36. Johnny
  37. Ross
  38. Blogbastic
  39. Peachy
  40. Joan Pinon
  41. Iva
  42. fruityoaty
  43. ApplesH
  44. Jake the Miserable
  45. Lei
  46. LJ
  47. Rhey
  48. Alohapenny
  49. Diogenes
  50. Honey
  51. Baklang AJ
  52. Free Willy
  53. Trex
  54. Passing Through
  55. Little Khalifah
  56. Samut Sari
  57. Zen
  58. Apu
  59. Dan F.
  60. Leovy
  61. Abet
  62. Judith G. Santos
  63. Claudia
  64. Archeia
  65. Gibo
  66. Arbet
  67. Sandro
  68. Kubiyat
  69. Webbyman
  70. Filipinayzd
  71. Juned
  72. BigBad
  73. Tina4Life
  74. Mira
  75. Lei Sagun
  76. Samprasita
  77. GM Tristan
  78. Dabawenya
  79. Tina
  80. DeSquallie
  81. Avy
  82. Manila Mom
  83. Prudence
  84. SniperAngel
  85. Larrybored
  86. Sonnie
  87. Buddy Migs
  88. Brown Baron
  89. Jap
  90. Mitchteryosa
  91. Sarah
  92. TheSpot-er
  93. TheANiTOKiD
  94. NineMoons Family
  95. Micaela
  96. Des
  97. Richard
  98. Kegler747
  99. Caranijuan
  100. Marcia
  101. J. Bubwit
  102. Vernula
  103. Matty
  104. Adrian
  105. Jehzeel Laurente
  106. Moimoi
  107. Maki
  108. Silverfork
  109. Jhed
  110. Elman
  111. Willy B. Prilles Jr.
  112. Liz
  113. I am SAM
  114. Pietrie Jensen
  115. Daniel Niazy
  116. Cursed dandelion
  117. Musing Musings
  118. ihateboyabunda
  119. Annamanila
  120. Lei Den Jun
  121. Miguel Apolo
  122. Sofia for BiSEAN
  123. Jigoku Tenshi
  124. Fmontserrat
  125. Ian
  126. OFW Life Lestat_m
  127. E Akino
  128. Ba
  129. Edong
  130. Erick Lau
  131. Bjarne
  132. Karlo.PinoyBlogero
  133. Reyville
  134. Ahmed
  135. Friedreich Bosch
  136. Darwin
  137. CokskiBlue
  138. Ang Lolo Niyo
  139. Alan Jr.
  140. Claire
  141. Allen Gurrea
  142. Jigs
  143. Novice Blogger
  144. Marie Casas
  145. Cha
  146. Karlokoloko
  147. Maenoodle
  148. Kristine
  149. Ederic
  150. utakGAGO
  151. Kiro
  152. Mariaxyza
  153. Raphael
  154. Borga Malord
  155. Xpal
  156. Xx
  157. P0ytee
  158. Ann
  159. Lalon
  160. Gibbs Cadiz
  161. Richard Lionheart
  162. Jedianalyst
  163. Quincy John
  164. Gari
  165. Nice
  166. Becky
  167. Jplamano
  168. ScroochChronicles
  169. Poli
  170. Nelo
  171. Natre
  172. Earthlotus
  173. Evilgenius
  174. Jengkie
  175. Kidd
  176. Brainfreeze
  177. Rhodora
  178. Joyfulchicken
  179. Maryrose
  180. Heneroso
  181. Elmo
  182. Fx-server livejournal
  183. Dagupanboi
  184. Isagani X
  185. Sexy Mom
  186. Carl Ocab
  187. My Addiction
  188. Eilanna
  189. Cvj
  190. Rick Manzano
  191. MLQ3
  192. Fire Eye'd Boy
  193. Shennette
  194. Freelance*Jervis
  195. J Angelo Racoma

August 1 eyeball - Those who submitted an entry to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs are invited to come and attend. Ms. Janette Toral will be drawing the 10 winners on this day who will get US$100 each. Those who can't make it are still part of the draw and can win. The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007 shall also be announced. Please click here to confirm your attendance.

Much thanks to the project's sponsors! They are Galing Pinoy, RegaloService, InfoTxt, Jardine Distribution Inc., Dominguez Marketing Communications, Philippine Internet Review, and DigitalFilipino.com Club, YesPayments, YesPinoy, and Yehey!.

To Ms. Janette Toral,
Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat po!

To my fellow bloggers, readers and online buddies
from around the world,
fellow Maristians,
friends and colleagues at API, CABI, CAS, EMCI, Ebar,
GeoBase, LiSA, IAC, Infinit-O,
Monitor-110, Seeking Alpha, and MSBA,
"Much thanks for the support!"

To Rick Calmon,
who introduced me to this wonderful
world of blogging art,
"My achievements in the blogosphere are your achievements.
Maraming salamat kaibigan."

And to my sons and daughters,
"You are the reason for my being,
the only reason why I try to accomplish so much in so little time.
This and more mga anak ko'y. All my love."

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Filipino Jailbirds on YouTube!

Dancing Filipino jailbirds are celebrities on YouTube!
Indeed, they are an instant hit!
Check 'em out!

It sure looks like they're having a lot of fun!
And I kid you not!

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Cyberparty Gal's Entry to the AnitoKid Anniversary Review!

We have just received another entry to the AnitoKid Anniversary Review from my online friend, Cyberparty Gal! Cyberparty Gal has been blogging since March 2006. Her sites include Daily Humor and Contests & Freebies Around the World - both are enjoyable reads.

I particularly like the latter one, Contests & Freebies, which showcases her efforts to monetize her blog while highlighting different contests, extravaganzas and what-have-you's in the the blogosphere. May I just say that her layout is a refreshing one! Clean and easy to navigate. The color combinations are A-okay! And she has an online store, too! It features a ton of products, e.g., gift items and must-haves! Do check it out! It could be an interesting experience! And I kid you not!

And to quote her:
  • One of my blogging buddies is running a contest and I am giving him a buzz. His contest is held to celebrate his one year blogging anniversary on 20th November, 2007. Mark your calendars!

  • I have already submittedmy entry and if I can do it, anyone could as well. So try your luck and give yourself a chance at the USD100 prize.

Much thanks Cyberparty Gal for the review!
Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat po!

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Da Daily Donkey Award and the Appointment of Lito Atienza As DENR Secretary

Da Daily Donkey Award goes to those responsible for former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza's appointment as Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Is it a lapse in judgment? Or is it a reward for loyalty? Or is there something in the works here? Hmmmm.

From Inquirer.Net:
  • A loyal presidential ally once accused of felling a forest in the heart of Manila was appointed as environment secretary. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appointed one of her fierce defenders, former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza, to replace Angelo Reyes.

    A-Kid: You have gotta to be shittin' me! I know loyalty has a strange
    way of affecting one's commitment and decisions, but this is absurd! It's totally ridiculous! To The Person Who Cannot Be Named: For love of God and country, stay flexible in your approach! Please!

  • Reyes will move to the energy department as part of a Cabinet “rigodon” which now appears to be in full swing despite earlier denials from Malacañang.

    A-Kid: It's all about loyalty. And it's making me sick!

  • News of Atienza’s elevation as head of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources shocked environmentalists, who dubbed him “The butcher of Arroceros.”

    A-Kid: Mind you, Atienza is not only a butcher. Please give credit where credit is due. Do you remember his so-called efforts to revive Manila? He placed street lights one (1) meter apart from each other! Now, that's a nifty way of conserving precious energy resources and beautifying everything. One meter apart - can you believe this guy?! And oh! He also closed Avenida Rizal to vehicular traffic. Guess what happened to the businesses there. Yeah, there are still niche opportunities surrounding the area, e.g., snatching and prostitution.
    For crying out loud, Atienza cannot even clean up streets of road obstructions and properly enforce zoning laws! How can The AnitoKid and the Filipino people expect the former mayor to protect the country's environment and natural resources?

  • “It’s incredible. This would be a disaster for the whole country because his track record on environment compliance leaves much to be desired,” according to Regina Paterno, president of Winner Foundation, a nongovernment organization that is running the Arroceros Forest Park in Manila.

    A-Kid: We're in trouble now - big trouble! That's just a tiny city forest for yesterday's count. Tomorrow, its the whole's country's natural resources that's up for grabs.

  • As Manila mayor, Atienza in 2003 enraged environmentalists when he ordered the closure of the Arroceros park to give way to the building of an education office and a teacher’s dormitory, sparking a lawsuit.

    A-Kid: Talk about efforts to revive and modernize Manila at the same time! All nonsensical! Tsk.

  • Environmentalists wanted the park preserved for being one of the few patches of greenery in a badly polluted city scarred with decaying buildings and houses. Atienza’s successor as mayor, Alfredo Lim, reopened the park to the public after assuming office.

    A-Kid: Thanks Uncle Fred!

  • “The reason for moving (people in) the Cabinet is only available to the President herself,” Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said. “Remember, our dictum in the Cabinet is -- Cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the President.”

    A-Kid: Yeah, Cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the President. But at the expense of the Filipino people.

  • Ermita denied the revamp was a form of “political payback,” telling reporters that Energy Secretary Raphael Lotilla “has been asking (for it) since last year.”

    A-Kid: Now, this is a subtle way of saying that the revamp, and whatever the outcome of it may be, is all Lotilla's fault. Yeah! Why not blame it all on Lotilla! Ermita, do you honestly believe that the reporters believe you? Man! Lotilla has been sucked into the government for 20 years! You could have just blamed everything on the rain!

  • To demands from the Malacañang Press Corps for an explanation for the latest Cabinet changes, Ermita said: “Look, I thought I’m just doing my duty here by announcing to you some (appointments), but you’re asking me why.”

    A-Kid: Knock! Knock! The last time I've checked, you're the Executive Secretary. It's your duty to be asked questions and answer them.

  • Asked about Atienza’s qualifications, “Why, is there anything wrong about ex-Mayor Atienza? Definitely, the President would not choose a Cabinet member to occupy a certain position if the President thinks he cannot handle that,” said Ermita.

    A-Kid: Hee hee hee! Is there anything wrong? Har-dee-har-har! Ermita, you make me laugh! Bwa he he he!

  • The Union of Local Government Authorities and Governors’ League welcomed Atienza’s appointment. “We welcome the decision of President Arroyo to appoint Atienza as DENR secretary not only because of his competence and integrity but he will also serve as the voice of the local government units in the Cabinet,” said Eastern Samar Gov. Ben Evardone, spokesperson of the two powerful groups.

    A-Kid: Believe you me when I say that the two groups just got more powerful.

  • Ermita made it clear that Atienza was not being rewarded for his allegiance to Ms Arroyo, whose controversial acts included banning rallies at the historic Don Chino Roces (formerly Mendiola) Bridge.

    A-Kid: Yeah, and I'm Bugs Bunny.

  • “I don’t think so. Every time an appointment is made, people will be asking those questions,” he said, citing the fact that at least 12 members from the House of Representatives had been appointed into the Cabinet. "Then you will ask, is that a political payback? Not really. The President goes by who she thinks can help her in running government.”

    A-Kid: It goes without saying that people have the right to ask questions. After all, this is a democracy. Hey, this is a democracy, right?

  • It was also during Atienza’s time that an old heritage building in the center of the city, Jai Alai, came down.

    A-Kid: One powerful swoop was all that was needed. Revive Manila! Forget about city forests! Destroy historic buildings and landmarks! What a battlecry! Yee-haa!

  • Ermita said Ms Arroyo’s economic team was intact.

    A-Kid: Whose economic team? Theirs? Or the nation's?

Am I worrying too much? Our country is constantly being raped by graft and corruption and the lack of better judgment from our elected leaders. The top post at the DENR is one of the most coveted positions in the land. With it comes great power and great responsibility. Why appoint the former mayor, Lito Atienza? IS HE that competent? THAT honest? IS HE the only one fit for the post? Let me just ask it again, IS HE FIT FOR THE POST? And I kid you not when I say,

Mahiya naman kayo!

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