Monday, June 4, 2007

Department of Education Secretary Jesli Lapus - Da Dailiy Donkey

Da Daily Donkey award goes to Department of Education Secretary Jesli Lapus, who claimed that there were no shortages on the first day of school.

So what the hell is this, Sec. Lapus? - click here - Just an interesting read?
  • Up to 100 students had to cram into one classroom in an elementary school in Quezon City;
  • dzEC radio reported that the Batasan Hills Elementary School had an average of 85 students per classroom, way over the 45 students-per-classroom ratio set by DepEd;
  • a section in the Grade II classes even had as many as 100 students crammed into it, according to the dzEC report;
  • classes had to be broken up into three shifts just to accommodate the students, most of whom came from poor families in the area;
  • aside from the shortage in classrooms, up to six students had to share one textbook in the school (DepEd had claimed it is working on a ratio of one student per textbook).
Lapus, you might as well quit. Claiming something that isn't true is covering up one's shortcomings. There are two facets of claims, i.e., it's either you're part of the problem or you're part of the solution. I know problems plague the country's education system, and such always crop up at the start of each school year. Everybody knows! So, why go out and claim things that aren't true in the first place? Why not learn something from it and from the experience of past secretaries?

Do you honestly believe that the budget for education is enough? Maybe? Ho-hum! No? You're a bright kid, Lapus! Yes? Then you are a fool, Mr. Secretary! The quality of education in the Philippines is in near chaos! It has declined over the years, and this my friend, will have serious effects on our national competitiveness and productivity. It will touch all aspects of national life as we know it, e.g,. from losing to competition in the employment market, to the way we elect our government officials. So why aren't you doing something about it?

But AnitoKid, the government is doing everything it can to solve the education crisis, you say. Well, believe you me, it is one hell of a pathetic effort! Simply put, IT IS INADEQUATE!
The class size has been regulated to 45 students, yet we have rooms where 80-100 students cram like sardines! And to top it off, class hours are still too short with two shifts per day! There are even public schools that hold classes in three shifts to accommodate the huge student population. And we haven't yet tackled the shortage of textbooks in the public education system and students' lack of access to computers.
  • Saan naman lulugar ang mga bata? Hindi porke nakatapos na kayo at lahat, at nakaupo na jan e ganyan na lang! Sa totoo lang! Kung kaya lang pag-aralin ni AnitoKid silang lahat e aakuin na niya ang obligasyon!
One thing is clear, i.e., the government's response to the education crisis is pathetic. It is inadequate! Thus, don't just visit two schools and say that there is no shortage! Mr. Secretary, officials, and staff at DepEd, we need to address the problem quickly and come up with innovative solutions, both short- and long-term solutions. The media, i.e., TV, radio, print, and online, are your friends! They are there for a reason! it takes two to speak the truth, i.e., one to speak, and another to hear. Knowing is not enough. We have to apply! Have pity on our raped country. Still, show mercy and compassion towards our children, whose future depends on their education. And I kid you not!


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I AM SAM said...

We can always blame the President for her lack of political will to improve our education system. We can always blame the Education Secretary for being incompetent and ill-equipped to do his job. We can always blame the lawmakers for their inability to allocate sufficient funds to build classrooms and hire teachers. We can always blame corruption because it makes the aforementioned personalities useless. But why not blame ourselves for this perennial predicament. It has to be noted that the problem has something to do with numbers. Given that perspective, would it be better if the Philippines is not overpopulated. Indeed, being responsible members of the society entails awareness on population control. It may not totally solve the problem we are facing at this point. But at least we are being part of the solution. We always like to blame, it is now time to raise our game.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

More! More! More!

Anonymous said...

Well, tapos na ang eleksyon..
All we need to do is work..

Maswerte pa nga ang Metro Manila kasi may classroom pa yung 100+ students..

Sa Bicol, wala ng libro, wala ng classrooms at kahit teacher, wala na rin.. Tsk.. Tsk..

Kaya ang sarap maging volunteer..

Unknown said...

The depEd have to take a proper step to improve the current education system.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! And I kid you not!


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