Monday, June 4, 2007

More revelations on why Manny Pacquiao lost at the polls

Remember Da Daily Donkey award for the campaigners of the People's Champ, Manny Pacquiao? Yes, it has been more than two weeks since the elections, but still, more revelations are coming to light. Here is an interesting read on it. And I kid you not!

*much thanks to my friends, Richard Du and Sam Marcos,
for tipping the AnitoKid on the info


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I AM SAM said...

During the campaign period, Manny was ecstatic about his intentions to help the needy. After nearly 40,000 votes difference and approximately 175 million in expense, the dream was foiled. There is no doubt that Manny made a good decision to use lots of money in his campaign. This strategy is explained by factors that even the great Manny Pacquiao can't comprehend. First, Darlene Custodio is not a lightweight of an opponent. Second, Manny has to get enough political support and such includes buying people. Finally, poverty, which is a material state can be addressed through financial means. It is sad that Pacquiao spent more than what he can gain from politics. His tarnished image was more stained when he associated himself with incompetent people. Why not just give that 175 million to his constituents? For sure, Money and Manny sound the same. Most important, however, neither Money nor Manny mix well with politics.

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