Friday, June 29, 2007

Maria Agatha Wins the Presidency of Her School's Student Body Council!

Maria Agatha "Agi"
Daddy's Little Girl,
The Apple of My Eye,
One of the Reasons for My Being,
My Closeness - My Soulmate

has just won the Presidency
of her school's Student Body Council!!!

Congratulations Anak koy!

I remember the day (twas last week) she told me that she had just been nominated as a candidate for the Presidency of her school's Student Body Council. I solicited her thoughts on the matter, asked her if she wants it, because after all, it will be a thankless job.

I highlighted the fact that she will not be able to please everybody.
I even reminded her that she has already actively served the Council for two years straight as a Representative since Grade IV. And she has achieved so many firsts and realized a lot of accomplishments both in academics and sports, and that there is nothing more to prove.

Gave her other facts of the matter - that this will be a difficult campaign to mount because three persons are vying for the same post - a three-way split of the votes. And she is up against two studious and quite popular students! I also elucidated the possible scenario of a win - she will be juggling her school time between studies, her duties as Class President, and responsibilities as President of the Student Body Council. AND it will eat some of the time she devotes to her personal self.

Looking at me, straight in the eye, without batting an eyeslash, she said in a determined-yet-loving voice,
  • "Yes, Dad - if you will support me. I am in Grade VI, graduating in 2008, and this will the last opportunity to serve my constituents in the elementary level. I count my blessings and I believe that I have given something back to the community, but I want to give more, Dad."
  • "What's your platform of governance, Anak?"
  • "STARS Dad. Students for Teachers, Achievements, Recreation, and Social work."
  • (And to be honest with you, I was impressed. Very much impressed with her slogan and all...)
I asked my daughter a different question this time - and why I asked it, it's personal ^_^
  • "Win or lose, will you wholeheartedly accept the outcome?"
  • "Yes, Dad."
  • "Do you want to win, Anak?"
  • "Yes, Dad."
  • "Ok. Let's do our best to win this thing."
  • "I Love you, Dad."
  • "I love you more, Anak. Much more."
And I promised my daughter an entire day devoted to her and her campaign. Little did she know that I will clear my sched for two days :) (and she knows that this is very rare - 2 days!) You could just imagine the work that was set aside! But after all that was said and done - IT WAS TIME WELL SPENT! Our campaign materials? Vote cards, book marks, candidate lists, posters - name it, we had it! And we solicited the hired help of my BlogCard designer, Charles of Netopia. (That's why the campaign materials came out so good!)

And how did we capped the two days filled with laughter, love, and hope? With a dinner for two at Max's filled with more love and laughter! And I kid you not!


One Wacky Mom said...

My blog design is not there yet, but I'm busy doing other things right now like real work....but I dare say we do parent alike...and I'm duly impressed! I'm so happy for you and your daughter. How cool not only her slogan, her goals, what you did, and she won. But more important was her desire. Her character. You of course had much to do with that and that's what you're proud of isn't it? Because at the end of the day that's all that really matters isn't it?

I'm going to keep reading here...then I have a feeling I found one kindred spirit relative to parenting and what we do in blogoworld (my own made up word) and I haven't found that yet)...not your normal mom...not a stay a home..and I work on Wall Street.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Much thanks for the wonderful comment, Wacky Mom. At the end of the day, what really matters for me is knowing that my kids are happy, each and everyone of them.

After all that is said and done, what I can only truly give to my children before I leave this world is not wealth or material things, but a good name, a good spirit, and a good heart.

And when my kids and their classmates say that I am one cool dad, I believe them. I honestly do. You cannot force children to lie. You just cannot. It simply isn't done. :)

And oh! Small world! You're on Wallstreet!

Batang Yagit said...

Your daughter is impressive (the STARS) Kabayan. It reminds me of my experience in grade school politics. I ran for the lowest positions which is not quite significant. My opponent was my best friend. Unfortunately, it only broke my heart but it gave way for me to concentrate on my studies. I guess it was also from this experience why I became the council president (of almost 9000 students, i kid you not) of our high school. Truly, it's a thankless job. Most of the time, you only get criticisms in return. But then, it's a great experience. I learned a lot from them. I may not understand it before but it really helped me in molding my character. I hope your daughter can grab this opportunity to mold her character. She's young. She has all the time to learn and experience things. Send my greetings to her. I can see that she's a brilliant kid. You are one lucky father kabayan.

BetShopBoy said...

Congrats Maria Agatha, you go girl!!!

What about aiming for the President of your country soomeday?

You must be a damn proud Daddy, Anitokid! Way to go, Champ!!!

Our families and our children are the catalyst that keep us going, even when the going gets tough, we keep ploughing on for the sake of them! They gave us strength and the beliefs to carry on.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Batang Yagit: Much thanks kabayan for the congratulatory note! Wow! 9000 students! THAT IS A LOT! And I believe your views - that the experience will help mold one's character. And helped you it did, kabayan! I like your take on shows in your posts and the way you view things in life. Keep it up! And oh! I send her your greetings! :)

@BetShopBoy: Much thanks for the congratulatory note, my friend. Yes, indeed! They are the catalyst and reasons for our being. That is why I work 16-18 hours everyday and try to accomplish so much in you little time.

And as my children enter adolescence, I have a fear inside me. They will experience their first love, first heartache, more achievements, dissapointments, etc. Even though I will be thee and share their joy and pain, I couldn't help but wish that I have the power, that power, TO TAKE AWAY THE PAIN AND I, ALONE, EXPERIENCE SUCH.

Culture Shiok! said...


How does it feel to be the president's father?

Manila Mom said...

Congratulations, Maria Agatha and proud dad! This is happy news indeed in the midst of controversies in the blogosphere. Lifts our spirits!

Children gain more confidence in their own abilities when they know that their parents wholeheartedly support them. Then they can face any challenge with courage. And win!!!

Anonymous said...

hi Anitokid!

Congrats to Maria Agatha! What a great achievement for one so young!

Congrats again! May you have more successes coming your way!

I AM SAM said...

Now you are reaping the fruits of your labor my friend. It is indeed a wonder to see Agatha make a huge leap towards maturity. Although Agatha's legacy is years ahead of her, the path she is taking suggests exceptional achievements in the future. Remember when you accounted Agatha's previous endeavor? It makes perfect sense for Agatha to translate her innate willingness to help in a wider perspective. Aside from the honor, I know this will be a challenge for you my friend. Agatha is slowly placing herself in the real world. The best thing is that she is in the spotlight.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Culture Shiok!: Honestly, it's like living life all over again, kabayan.

@ManilaMom: Much thanks for the congratulatory note, Mom! Indeed it is good news! And oh! Sometimes, it is our children that gives us the confidence to tackle and meet life's challenges head-on.

@Anonymous - Much thanks! Maraming salamat!

@I Am Sam: Maraming salamat, Sam! I remember her first day of school - seems like yesterday. And with God's help, may she become whatever she wants to be. Hopefully a doctor :)

kegler747 said...

Congratulations to the father-daughter tandem! Yipee! Well, there's a saying that it is very hard to beat a father-daughter tandem. I think I'm starting to believe that :)

Iloilo Onfoot said...

wow.. congrats Maria Agatha... keep up the good work.. always remember that winning isn't the final stage yet.. there's more to come... go for it!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Kegler747: Much thanks bro! Ha ha ha - i guess i believe it too! :)

@Iloilo Onfoot: Very well said, kabayan! Much thanks! So your site - WoW! Love your take on Iloilo! Never been there, but have friends who call the place home! More power!

cha said...

wow! ang galing! congrats agatha and to your proud father! really a great achievement at such a young age.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Thanks Cha! Much thanks! Mwah!

Kim said...

Congrats Agatha! I know your dad is very proud of you.. Keep up the good work and run for presidency=).. We need more Agatha's in this world.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Much thanks Kim! I am very proud, indeed! Love your comment, my friend. Mwah!

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