Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Ten Years of Howie Severino DVD: A Must-Have!

Me and My Closeness were at the Powerbooks store in Greenbelt, Makati City, to attend the soft launching of journalist Howie Severino's DVD, "10 Years of Howie Severino," which marks and celebrates his 10th year as a documentarist. On the way to Powerbooks, the straps of my closeness' brand new sandals broke! Fortunately, we were at Landmark's shoe section. I asked my daughter to pick out a new pair. However, she insisted that we go ahead to the launch before buying the new threads. "Dad, we might miss the signing! Let's just buy after the event," she said. I explained to her that we had plenty of time, but still, she wouldn't have none of it. Imagine that! Did I tell you that she's also a big fan of Howie? Yes, she is.

The GMA documentary collection

A good number of people attended the launch. Me and My Closeness were hesitant to approach the table. Why so? Well, that's Howie Severino! And Sandra Aguinaldo! And Kara David! and Jay Taruc! O, sa'n ka pa?

Kara, Howie, Sandra, and Jay

Howie signing the AnitoKid's copy!

The Rotary Journalism Awards' Hall of Famer is a father, a journalist, a documentary maker, a travel writer, mentor, a patriot, a pilgrim, and a blogger. Howie was also a grill cook at McDonald's, pretzel vendor at the Boston Common, and newspaper delivery boy before he became a household name.

Fans eagerly line up for their turn at the photo-op

My Closeness with the Man!

My Closeness taking a break at Figaro

Signed. Sealed. And Delivered.

The "Ten Years of Howie Severino" DVD contains 10 documentaries and a special extra feature. My twins requested that we first watch "Best Friend," which focused on an illiterate old man and his clever dog, Habagat. Together, they make a living as street performers doing amazing dog treats that wow the crowds! And the reasons for the old man's determination to make money? He is searching for his youngest son, four-year-old Eddie Boy.

My Closeness got a good feel with "Lolo ng San Francisco." She repeatedly asked me to play it next. And play it, I did. The documentary reminded me of the hardships faced by our veterans and kababayans abroad. Life is doubly hard when one's is working abroad. And life is indeed hard for Floro, our veteran kabayan in the United States. You just have to admire him. He just keeps going and going despite his age. Howie finds out why and the source of Floro's strength back home in the Philippines.

I got to watch "Biyaheng Edsa" during dinner time by playing the disc in one of my notebooks, which I brought in the dining room. Howie transverses the EDSA highway during the anniversary celebration of the EDSA Revolution.
If only the national highway could speak! Imagine the stories it would tell! Well, I guess it did - through Howie Severino! His walk from Monumento to Pasay City is a journey through Philippine history itself. The story of the country and the Filipino people. Their joys and sadnesses. Politics and the empty and broken promises that comes with it. Freedom and economics.

Though I still have seven episodes to watch, I'd like to take this opportunity to convey something to Howie Severino...
  • Much thanks Howie for this collection of documentaries that can only be described as a COLLECTIBLE! And I kid you not! The must-have collection not only shows the variety and wide range of topics that I-Witness and you can cater to, and the different approaches that you can take in making documentaries. It goes beyond these. The collection is about Philippine culture and pride in their truest sense. It is about the indomitable spirit of the Filipino people. Congratulations Howie! Here's looking forward to your next 10 years in the industry! Mabuhay!

"I'd walk a mile for The AnitoKid!"

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kat said...

wow naman at rubbing elbows na si daughter kay howie :) hehe.

hope all is well with you, les. keep in touch ;)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi Kat! And how are you doing there? I tried posting comments at your new blogsite, but to no avail. The site keeps rejecting them. :(

Hope everything is well, my friend! And oh! Happy anniversary to you and Jay! Good luck to both of you!


Bill Bilig said...

Good for you, you got a copy. I'm also his fan as well as a fan of GMA's documentary team. They are tops in the business. Cheers kabayan.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Indeed they are the best, kabayan! And so are my kids, especially My Closeness.

I'm also a huge fan of Cheche Lazaro and the Probe has now transferred to another station, but its still CheChe who does the talk and all.


Cha said...

your daughter is shaping up to be an empowered lady. kudos to you and your well upbringing of her! =)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Much thanks Cha! Hope you're having a wonderful time there! Everyone's proud of you! And I kid you not!


ms.loida said...

Sir Kabayan,
Im also an avid fan of Mr. Howie Severino and im so happy because i also see him in person with a little conversation about our product here at SM hypermarket- Mall of Asia. He's very humble and down to earth person. Grabeh!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Ms. Loida:

A fellow member at the MAPPA billiards club, who is an employee of GMA 7 and works under Howie, tells me that Howie is indeed a very humble person in real life. Acknowledged as the television station's top documentarist, Howie never lets this get into his head. My friend says that Howie can sometimes be seen taking the MRT or riding his bicycle when going to work.

Napakafriendly niya talaga. It was him who broke the ice when me and My Closeness were at the DVD launch. He was all praises about my blog card and all, and he remembered what my site is all about. Sa totoo lang, nakakaflatter yun - and it all happened in front of my eldest daughter.


The Penniless Fat Guy said...

Sir Kabayan:

Astig na pangalan mo pare. Kabayang Sir... D2, merong Kabayong Maam... Haha... Anyway, swerte mo naman with that Howie Severino thing. This is where GMA is so ahead of ABS. GMA's documentary shows are far superb than whant ABS' has been offering. Even the departure of Che-che Lazaro failed to make that gap close. Aside from Howie, Jay Taruc is also one of the finest. His documentaries of people living under the bridges, "aswangs", and recently Iskul Bukol are classics. Kara David is also a great documentary anchor. One more thing kabayan, pahiram naman ng DVD... Hehehe...

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@The Penniless Fat Guy:

Ha ha ha! I think I know who you're referring to (Kabayong Maam) Eh yung anak ng kabayo? Ang pamilyang yokababs! Ha ha ha

Yeah, it was an awesome experience that day, my friend. And i remember you telling me how much you like Jay's style in documenting stories. Nakakainspire bro. Eto, canvass ako ng mga camcorders - i plan to do a documentary! And I have my first topic all planned na! Sana sana sana.

No problem, bro. You can borrow it anytime. Kaw pa! And I kid you not!


clarice said...

i got a copy also. and i bought it in greenbelt powerbooks too! i was lucky,. it was the last copy of Howie's DVD.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

They do sell like hotcakes!

The DVD is a very good buy, indeed!


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