Friday, October 12, 2007

The Star Wars Trumpet Video of Stacey Hedger!

The video, entitled Star Wars Trumpet, has been favorited hundreds of times! According to some, there are many things that make trumpeter Stacey Hedger's video amazing. Hear the ear-splitting rendition of the Star Wars theme and see an out-of-this-world Charlie Chaplin impression!

And I kid you not when I say that a number of people believe this to be THE BEST VIDEO ON THE INTERNET. Go on, click the play button and find our for yourself! You decide!

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crazed_heck said...

twas nic e especially to starwars fans...i am not so i cant say i am moved...hehehe...*winks...suplado ko....

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Honestly, the video sucks kabayan! And I kid you not!

Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

I came back to Russia from a wonderful trip in the Ukraine and one of the first things I do is watch the worst video in the world. I thought my computer screen was going to crack, from the off key notes being played.

You are right and You kid us not! The Video sucks!

Thanks for stopping by while we were gone.

Maybe I will watch the video again................... :))))))


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi Kyle % Svet! Am glad you're back online! Glad to know you had a wonderful trip!

Ha ha ha! It's the worst music vid I tell ya! And I kid you not!


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