Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the geek and the nerd

There's a big difference in the personalities leading Microsoft and Apple. Bill is a nerd, while Steve is a geek. Both have technological know-how that others would die for and both are very tech-savvy. However, the nerd has a poor grasp and understanding of the social aspects that come with the job and product launches, while the geek has virtually turned it into a “magic pill,” casting a spell and enticing everyone to tout and embrace his product without question. Such lack of understanding has made its way down to Microsoft's public relations and marketing departments, both of which failed miserably in generating significant interest for Vista. This failure has even turned into a catalyst for depicting Microsoft as a soon-to-be “has been” company. Steve's full grasp of the social aspects of the product and his job has both analysts and consumers touting the iPhone as a revolutionary product, even though it isn't.

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The more people have studied different methods
of bringing up children
the more they have come to the conclusion
that what good mothers and fathers instinctively feel
like doing for their babies
is the best after all.
.Benjamin Spock.


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