Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Viattorre Jump Cue Is Up for Sale!

Viattorre Jump Cue GraphicBilliards buddies, pool players, and pool cue collectors - up for sale is my Viattorre jump cue! My Viattorre jump cue was signed and personally delivered by one of my good friends, Jackson Tan. It goes without saying that the butt features real ivory! And lest I forget, the butt and shaft of this beautiful jump cue each features an eternity ring featuring more ivories! Wow!

Viattorre Jump Cue Image My Viattorre jump cue - very fresh! Very beautiful!
Absolutely no dings! No scratches!
It is perfect in every way!

Viattorre Jump Cue GraphicThe Viattorre jump cue has a nice glossy metallic black finish, which is similar to my Predator 2 (P2) pool cue! 'Twas actually made that way to compliment the P2, one of my favorite pool cues! It is classy! And it is beautiful!

Viattorre Jump Cue ImageMy Viattorre jump cue needs a new home. And I sincerely believe that the new owner will be very pleased and all with this new acquisition! And I kid you not! Be that lucky one! Send your inquiries and all to

*Update: Pool cue sold

"The AnitoKid loves beautiful pool cues!"

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