Friday, July 18, 2008

Billiards Instructions & Great Pool Tips at PoolDawg!

A billiards buddy, Kerima Sebastian, asked saw my posts on billiards and wanted to know pool instructions and billiard-related materials that can be found on the Internet computer network. I remembered seeing such pages at PoolDawg’s website and decided to browse it for such.

PoolDawg Graphic

And browsed I did! PoolDawg’s site does contain a number of pool instructions and billiards-related materials! These include articles on pool cues, the basics of 9-ball and 8-ball, joint sizes and joint protectors, furniture assembly instructions, pool table cloth installation, using billiards training aids, how to check pool cues for warpage, pool cue tips, pool cue ferrules, tips for breaking, ideal weight of break cues, and tips for improving one’s billiards game.

But wait, there’s more! PoolDawg also has pages on terms and terminologies, buying guides, maintenance tips, and more! These are in addition to the tons of products that it offers and all, e.g., pool cues, pool cue cases, e.g., Instroke ISPR11 Premier 1x1 pool cue case, billiards accessories, pool table repair, gameroom equipment and accessories, darts, and apparel.

And lest I forget, customers can shop by brand at PoolDawg! For example, anyone and everyone can shop for pool cues by brand! And I kid you not! These include popular billiards cues, such as Lucasi, Viking, McDermott, Scorpion, OB-1, and Predator, e.g., Predator BK2, Predator Air jump cue, and joint protectors.


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