Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nouveau Riche University & The Instructional System Design!

Nouveau Riche University Graphic border=Just like one of my billiards buddies, Dindo Dinglasan read my posts on the Nouveau Riche University and became very interested in it. Dindo was particularly intrigued with Nouveau Riche University’s courses within various curriculum paths – all designed to teach anyone how-to real estate investment concepts and strategies.

Primarily focused on wealth creation, the heart of Nouveau Riche University’s educational environment is the Instructional System Design (ISD), which is reputedly commonplace in major universities the world over. From what I could gather at Nouveau Riche University’s site, ISD is renowned as the taxonomy that accelerates learning and maximizes retention. No one has ever created an educational environment that teaches students the way to create wealth – nothing like that at Nouveau Riche University. The founders of Nouveau Riche University believe that the application of ISD to wealth creation will contribute to far-reaching and industry-wide changes.

Are you ready for Nouveau Riche University? Whether you are a seasoned investor or someone looking for a way to create wealth but have no idea where to start; or whether you prefer to study at your own pace or enjoy a hands-on approach to learning and instructor interaction; or whether you just want to learn the way to earn, Nouveau Riche University promises to have the perfect program for you! Go ahead, browse the site It could be one interesting educational opportunity! And I kid you not!


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