Sunday, July 20, 2008

Karen Corr vs. Iris Ranola for the NJ State 9-Ball Championship 2008!

Iris Ranola Image
Congratulations to Karen Corr for winning the 2008 NJ State 9-Ball Championship! Held at the Primetime Sports Bar & Grill, the J.Peachauer North East Women's Tour had 28 highly skilled participants as many members of the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) joined the regular crew. Returning players included Karen Corr, Tiffany Nelson, Julie Kelly, Monica Webb, Megan Minerich, Romana Dokovic, My-Hanh Lac, and my good friend, Filipino pool player Iris Ranola!

Karen Corr defeated Tiffany Nelson with a 7-2 score in the quarter finals, and Iris Ranola, 7-2, in the semi-finals. Iris Ranola and Tiffany Nelson then battled to the hill with the Filipino pool player getting another chance with Karen! It was another hill match!

Iris Ranola Graphic

Iris Ranola with her Predator P2 pool cue

Karen Corr captured the NJ State Championship title of the exciting 9-ball billiards competition, which had $3,000 added to the prize fund with Heinekin as a co-sponsor, as well as a Qualifying spot for the US Open that will take place in Oklahoma at the end of July 2008. Karen Corr and Iris Ranola received $1,200 and $800, respectively.

Lest I forget, check out
the newly redesigned website of the J.Peachauer North East Women's Tour! Check out its header - and who do you see? It's our very own Iris Ranola, one of the Philippines' top female pool players, who is schooled and all under Coach Edgar Boyet Asonto! Iris Ranola with some of the great female pool players of our time - the women of billiards! And I kid you not!

Congratulations Karen! Congratulations iris!
Congratulations to all who participated! Mabuhay!

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