Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Iris Ranola Wins in New Jersey!

Iris Ranola Graphic

Here’s some very good news, pool players and fans! Filipino pool player Iris Ranola won this past weekend in New Jersey! From what I’ve gathered from one of my online friends, Gravy, Iris Ranola, who has been under Edgar Boyet Asonto (Coach of the Philippine Billiards Team) for a number of years, played very well and won in New Jersey! According to my online buddy, the ladies just fell apart this weekend playing the Filipino pool player!

And on a personal note, Gravy says that Iris Ranola seems like a very likable person. Well my friend, she is! And I kid you not! Gravy also highlighted Iris Ranola’s powerful break and very good control of the cue ball! Moreover, Gravy believes that Iris Ranola may not be ripe yet for the final four at this point in time, but sincerely feels that the Filipino pool player can definitely win plenty of matches in the WPBA. I guess that remains to be seen! Iris, we are all rooting for you, my friend!

Congratulations Iris! Mabuhay!

"It's always a win with The Anitokid!"

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