Friday, April 18, 2008

The BAT Forum: It's All About Billiards and Trucking!

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For all those into billiards and/or trucking, here is one great forum to be a part of - The BAT-Forum! Founded in December 2007, The BAT-Forum is a privately owned and operated online discussion board about all things having to do with billiards and/or trucking and a place for members to swap war stories and share experiences and ideas.

A little info about the founder and administrator of The BAT-Forum will explain the relationship between billiards and trucking. My online buddy, Tom Hardinger, aka BigRigTom, has been working in the truck transportation business all of his adult life. Tom is an avid pool player currently holding a skill level of 7 in the APA 9 Ball Format and a skill level of 6 in the APA 8 Ball Format. Yes, Tom plays very good pool, friends! And he’s a real nice chap to boot! Playing pool for over 40 years and working in the trucking industry for pretty close to the same amount of time has BigRigTom thinking that truckers and pool players have a lot in common but there are many different types of people in both groups as well.

The BAT-Forum welcomes all pool and billiards players from anywhere in the world, regardless of experience or affiliation. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner looking to learn our great sport or an old pro looking to share your knowledge or maybe you consider yourself an intermediate player who can both share his knowledge and learn from others, everyone is welcome at The BAT-Forum. The online forum encourages open discussions from members of all the pool and billiards organizations such as the WPA, the IPT, the BCA, the APA, the VNEA, the UPA, WPBA and any other of the alphabet soup organizations in the pool and billiards world.

If you have an opinion about pool and billiards, or trucking, do drop by at The BAT-Forum. Everyone is welcome! And lest I forget, The BAT-Forum also has an online store offering billiards and sports equipment! It has a ton of ‘em! And I kid you not!

"The Anitokid loves billiards!"

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