Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Senator Manny Villar Cup and The Search for Billiard Idol!

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After the huge success of the five Billiard Idols competitions at the Farmers' Plaza in Cubao, Quezon City, and the unforgettable San Miguel Beer-Quezon City 9-Ball Championship, the Billiard Managers and Professional Players Association of the Philippines (BMPAP) have more in store for all Filipino pool players in May 2008!

In light of the rescheduling of billiard events and competitions in April 2008 in lieu of the 2008 World 8-Ball Championship in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, the 6th leg of the Search for Billiard Idol resumes on May 3-4, 2008 at the Puyat Center in Farmers Plaza in Cubao! Entry fee is pegged at just Php200 with no table fees whatsoever! None! Zit! Nada! Prizes up for grabs include Php10,000 first prize; Php5,000 2nd; and Php2,500 for 3rd and 4th!

Senator Manny Villar Graphic

The AnitoKid with Senator Manny Villar

But wait, there’s more! BMPAP is not done yet with its line of surprises for the month of May 2008! Not by a long shot, mind you! Come May 6-10, 2008, BMPAP is hosting The Senator Manny Villar Sipag at Tiyaga Cup at the Star Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City! Yes, you read right, friends! It’s The Senator Manny Villar Sipag at Tiyagag Cup! The able Senator Manny Villar has pledged his 100% support to the sport of billiards and BMPAP! And I kid you not! Entry fee for this competition is just Php300! Up for grab is a whopping Php150,000 for 1st place finish! And oh! Prizes are in store for finishes down to 16th place! It goes without saying that I’m joining!

Moreover, A TOP GUN Ring Game will be held simultaneously at the Bowling Inn on May 6-10, 2008! The Top 16 Filipino Players will battle it out in 4-men ring games, wherein the top finisher in each group will face off for the top prize – a staggering Php400,000 big ones! That not a cash prize! It’s a small fortune! Php200,000 is slated for 2nd place and Php100,000 for the 3rd and 4th place! Wow! That’s a ton of money in my book! And believe you me, I have one thick book!

US Dollar Image
In addition, the 3rd weekend of May 2008 will see the staging of the 7th leg of the Billiard Idol at the Farmers’ Plaza in Cubao,
Quezon City!
And it’s the TOP GUN 9-Ball Tour come the 4th week of May! If you think you've got what it takes to hang and build up BMPAP Ranking Points to your credit, along with the real Big Boys of Billiards (Efren Bata Reyes, Alex Pagulayan, Ronnie Alcano, Lee Van Corteza, Dennis Orcollo, and more), then come and join the fun! Entry is just Php500 for this particular leg, with absolutely no table fees! And lest I forget, first Prize is Phph20,000!

*All events earn ranking points which will be the basis for the selection of players for the upcoming Philippine Professional Billiards League.

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*much thanks to
Bandido aka Edwin Reyes
for the info!

"Don't play with fire! Play with The Anitokid!"

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Anonymous said...

What time the event on May 3 and 4 will start? Thanks!

Roice said...

Hi! You are welcome to visit and join Manny Villar for President Social Network

THE ANiTOKiD said...


Much thanks for the invite! I will go take a look! And I kid you not!


Anonymous said...

Manny Villar, Bayani Fernando, Noli De Castro, and Mar Roxas are the four leading presidential contenders today. There is a rumor that Manny Villar is only aimming for vice president? Is that true?

Dencio Golez

THE ANiTOKiD said...

In Philippine politics, anything can happen.

It could be that Erap may run again in 2010. Partnership with the Arroyo government? Could be! And I kid you not!


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