Monday, April 28, 2008

Casinos-R-Us: One Nice Site on Online Casinos & Online Gambling!

Casinos R Us ImageSome members of one of the billiard clubs I play at asked me questions about online casinos. They were particularly interested in the posts I did on online casinos and online gambling resources and have made a request for me to check out some more. My trusty online systems tools and all brought me to one novel site, Casinos-R-Us, a guide to casino gambling in Las Vegas, Nevada, and online gambling.
Casinos-R-Us touts itself as an online resource designed to help anyone thinking about traveling to Las Vegas or any other place that has casinos. What makes Casinos-R-Us unique is that it helps online users make their travel arrangements and offers gambling tours at the most popular gambling destinations, e.g., Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the Bahamas! Casinos-R-Us also offers gambling courses for novice players looking to learn the proper betting strategies for different games, such as blackjack, craps, slots, roulette, video poker, and Texas Hold'em. Moreover, Casinos-R-Us has just started to review online casinos and internet casino software providers to make itself a one-stop-shop online casinos and online gambling.
Excited with my find on Casinos-R-Us, I further browsed the site and discovered that all the casino locations and vacation packages that Casinos-R-Us recommends to online users have been visited by its staff and have been reviewed based on a number of important variables, such as customer service and gaming elegance. Now, I like that! I really do! It’s having a hands-on approach and personal take to online gambling and all! And I kid you not!
And lest I forget, if you are an owner of a casino or gambling resort, drop an email to Casinos-R-Us, or better yet, give them a call and asked them to do a review of your property for possible inclusion into its tour packages! After all, you wouldn’t want to be left out of Casinos-R-Us’ list!


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