Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Canadian Pardons at The National Pardon Centre!

Canadian pardons: A billiards player, who also happens to be a good friend of mine, sent me this link to look at – National Pardon Centre – and give my thoughts about it. Thus, here are my views. The National Pardon Centre website provides Canadian pardon services designed to assist individuals with the clearance of criminal records in Canada. A non-profit organization, the National Pardon Center offers services for Canada Pardons and USA entry waivers in Canada. It operates in Montreal, Quebec and Calgary, Alberta and provides its services across Canada.

National Pardon Centre Graphic

The National Pardon Centre is the first fully bilingual walk-in centre and Canada's only coast to coast pardon and waiver service. The National Pardon Centre provides Canada Pardons which remove criminal records, USA entry waiver services for legal access to the US, fingerprinting services and background checks, free counseling, client case reviews and assessments, and free educational resources to local community service organizations. The National Pardon Centre touts itself to provide honest, straightforward and reliable counsel. The non-profit organization guarantees not to mislead anyone or process applications that they do not require. It’s pardons Canada at its finest, friends!

What is even more interesting it that the National Pardon Centre is even an award winning Canadian non-profit organization! Yes, you read right! The National Pardon Centre is an award-winning non-profit organization! It assists individuals with Canadian pardon and USA waiver (entry) applications. So what does a pardon (granted by the Canadian government) mean? It simply means that such will remove one’s criminal record from public file thereby allowing him or her to proceed in life without the restrictions of a criminal record. Moreover, a USA entry waiver (granted by the American government) allows legal access to the US despite the existence of a criminal record!

National Pardon Centre Image

Thus, if one needs to learn about the unique Canada pardons program and USA travel restrictions, the National Pardon Centre online site is one good place to start browsing. And oh! The National Pardon Centre offers online applications and has a counselor available for talks. Now, that is designed to having one’s peace of mind! And I kid you not!


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