Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brunswick Billiards Dealer Advantage for Brunswick Billiards Tables and Accessories Dealers!

Got this Brunswick Billiards Dealer Advantage press release which will bring smiles to billiards dealers in the United States and Canada! And I kid you not!

Brunswick Billiards Graphic

Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC) today announced that it will make Brunswick Dealer Advantage benefits and services available to its billiards dealers in the United States and Canada.

Launched in 2007 for Brunswick marine dealers in the United States, Brunswick Dealer Advantage is a menu of benefits and services designed to help Brunswick dealers increase profits by increasing revenues, lowering costs and improving productivity. Benefits and services are offered in three specific areas: enhancing the retail customer buying experience; attracting and retaining employees; and reducing costs through operational excellence. More than 1,500 U.S. and Canadian marine dealerships currently are participating.

“Although the challenges Brunswick dealers face differ considerably by industry, they all share a common goal to succeed and to be more profitable. To help our dealers achieve that goal, Brunswick is leveraging its resources to help them save money and build long-term value in their businesses,” said Brunswick Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dustan E. McCoy. “Stronger, more profitable dealers contribute to stronger, more profitable Brunswick brands.” Qualified dealers include all U.S. and Canadian billiards dealers that are in good standing and sell Brunswick billiards tables and accessories. There is no cost to participate in Brunswick Dealer Advantage, and dealers may opt to participate in all or some of the benefits and services, depending on their unique business needs.

Brunswick Billiards President Sean Cummings commented, “This suite of benefits and services is being made available at a very good time. Brunswick Dealer Advantage provides our dealers with practical, cost reduction opportunities. With a tight economy, we all have to use the resources available to us more efficiently. Brunswick Dealer Advantage is like giving each dealer a new tool box.”

Brunswick Dealer Advantage features three levels of participation – silver, gold and platinum – each based on the amount of the dealer’s business with Brunswick. The deeper the partnership with Brunswick, the higher the dealers’ level of eligibility, with more benefits and services available to them.
The list of Brunswick Dealer Advantage benefits and services includes preferred pricing on customized retirement strategies and succession planning; supplier pricing on automobiles for dealership use and personal vehicles for employees; discounted rates on computers and equipment, wireless service, credit card processing, payroll and tax administration, small package shipping, office supplies and printing. Enhancing the customer buying experience includes retail financing options, and employee retention/reward programs include healthcare coverage, vision and dental discounts, college scholarships for dealer employees’ children and employee purchase program discounts on Brunswick branded products. Service providers and availability vary by country.

More benefits and services already are in the approval process to be introduced soon. “This is a dynamic initiative,” said Brunswick Dealer Advantage Program Manager Janel King. “Its future success rests in the hands of our dealers to tell us where we can continue to provide the most value.” Dealers can learn more about Brunswick Dealer Advantage by visiting its dedicated Web site at or by calling 1-877 GO-ADVTG (462-3884).

"The Anitokid loves Brunswick pool tables!"

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