Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brunswick Billiards Debuts Its Gold Crown V Pool Table!

Brunswick Billiards Gold Crown V Image

Here are some very good news! Brunswick Billiards has just released its Gold Crown V pool table! Available in 9 ft or 8 ft Pro model, Brunswick Billiards continues the Gold Crown dynasty with the Gold Crown V pool table, which comes in a number of finishes. These include mahogany with nickel trim, mahogany with bronze trim, matte black with nickel trim, and in my favorite - the Mahogany - Tournament Edition.

Brunswick Billiards Gold Crown V Image

Buyers can specify the type of pocket they want with their Gold Crown V pool table, i.e., drop pocket or gully return. The Gold Crown V Tournament Edition comes in Brunswick Green cloth. The cloth quality is Contender woolen cloth. But wait! You can further personalize your very own Brunswick Billiards Gold Crown V pool table by specifying the type of cloth and cloth color you want! No kidding!

Brunswick Billiards Gold Crown V Pool Cue by Predator Image

And there’s more! Buy a Brunswick Billiards Gold Crown V and you will qualify to purchase a Limited Edition Gold Crown pool cue made by Predator Cues, for only $250! Only 200 of these special commemorative cues will ever be made! The 19 oz., 58” Ltd. Edition Gold Crown pool cue features bird’s-eye maple ebony/clear maple veneers, pro taper, and a Predator 314 Uni-Loc shaft with LePro tip. They are very beautiful and they are available only while supplies last! And I kid you not!

Click on Brunswick Billiards’ site and see what you’ve been missing! There’s a ton of products for sale at the site, e.g., pool tables, billiard accessories, play packages, pocket balls, pool cues, pool gear, billiard able cloth, and pool table lights.

*One can purchase the Ltd. Edition Gold Crown pool cue outright with no table for $499 on the Brunswick Billiards site! Yes, indeed!

**Brunswick Billiards’ exclusive distributor for Brunswick and Predator in Philippines is Star Paper Corporation.

"The AnitoKid loves to shoot pool on Brunswick's!"

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kegler747 said...

Would definitely love to play all-day long in this table :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

You got that right, my friend!

And we can be sure of the quality! For after all, IT IS made by Brunswick Billiards!


RJ of CA said...

Nice cue! I wonder how it plays? It really is beautiful.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

It's a Predator, thus I guess it plays good, my friend.

Wish I had one! And I kid you not!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the great information on the table. currently choosing between a diamond and a brunswick. all roads point to the brunswick.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Glad to hear that! Now, go buy that Brunswick! :)


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