Saturday, January 26, 2008

Horse Racing Tips with ProTips!

ProTips Image

I just came across this interesting site on horse racing tips, i.e., ProTips, a novel service for expert horse racing tips, betting and Melbourne Cup tips. ProTips is a professional horse race betting selection service, with over 25 years in the racing industry, which gives selections to top Australian punters all around world! It utilizes uses sophisticated mobile technology to ensure that users receive the best value horse racing tips right to their own mobile phone! Wow! This is taking horse racing tips to the next level!

What makes ProTips unique is that it is backed by horse racing experts with over 25 years industry experience! These experts provide horse racing tips, value based horse racing tips, and Melbourne Cup tips that are touted as the best horse racing tips from Australia and the world. ProTips promises to only send good value selections – back the same winners as professional punters!

ProTips Graphic

And get this, ProTips horse racing tips is based on a WIN only basis, thus, it only charges one’s mobile phone bill when the tip is a winner – 1st place only! The horse race betting selection service is dedicated to finding good value winner’s week in and week out using a model where users only pay for winning tips! Now, that is a steal of a deal if I ever saw one! And I kid you not!

Do check out ProTips! It could be quite an interesting read for all horse racing fans out there!


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