Sunday, January 20, 2008

Play Online Backgammon at BGprime! Rules and Techniques, Too!

BGPrime online backgammon Image

I was browsing the Web looking for an online backgammon site when I came upon, a cool online backgammon resource offering players the chance the play for run or real money. What is interesting with is that it isn’t just another online site for backgammon games! It actually helps players gain an advantage when playing online backgammon! Thus, novice players like me can also win – and just did! – using the backgammon rules and techniques that BGprime offers online. also features a series of guides specifically designed and written for online backgammon players that play for cold cash! The online guides include such that discuss opening rolls, backgammon etiquette, backgammon strategy, backgammon terms, and backgammon rules. And how does the online resource do this? All via a user friendly and reliable interface! Wow! And oh! The buck doesn’t stop there! BGprime also features a round-the-clock support team for online players! It’s a one-stop online backgammon site!

So what are you waiting for? Play online backgammon with players from the world over via this uber-cool site and receive a $5 welcome bonus for free! And I kid you not! It’s - now!


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