Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pool Cue for Sale: A Pat Diveney Masterpiece!

Pat Diveney Pool Cue GraphicTo my billiards buddies, pool players, and fans, check out this beautiful Pat Diveney pool cue for sale! This pool cue for sale was made by Pat Diveney, a custom cue maker from Iowa who has developed a loyal following around the world.

Pat Diveney Pool Cue ImageThe Diveney pool cue features an ivory butt cap and ebony butt sleeve accented by real ivories! Double silver rings reinforce both ends of the sleeve! And oh! Each set of silver rings houses real ivory squares!

Pat Diveney Pool Cue GraphicThe forearm of this very beautiful pool cue from Pat Diveney features a total of five veneers complimenting cool ivory inlays at the base! It is simply stunning! My apologies for the fuzziness of the pictures - took 'em using only a camera phone.

Pat Diveney Pool Cue ImageAnd here is another look at the beautiful forearm of this gorgeous pool cue made by Pat Diveney, the sponsor of Filipino pool player Rodolfo Luat, aka Boy Samson. The razor-sharp veneers are truly a sight to behold!

Pat Diveney Pool Cue GraphicDouble silver rings housing ivory squares, and an ivory collar top the birdseye forearm of this beautiful masterpiece! A titanium radial pin crowns the butt of the pool cue, which connects to the shaft via a true wood-to-wood finish! Two hard rock maple shafts come with the package and all!

Pat Diveney Pool Cue ImageThis brand new Pat Diveney pool cue is for sale! And believe you me, this is one great buy, friends! Indeed, you will be very pleased with this beautiful masterpiece from Pat Diveney! And I kid you not! Send your inquiries and all to

*Did you know that two of the world's best known pool players use Pat Diveney pool cues? They are Filipino pool player Rodolfo Luat and Shane Van Boening of the United States! Check out their pool cues here, friends! Rudy's ebony-ivory cue and Shane's Diveney!

Update: Cue Sold!

"The AnitoKid loves Diveney Cues!"

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