Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Boston Moving Company: Go for Humboldt Storage & Moving!

Humboldt Moving and Storage GraphicAnother billiards buddy, Jun Diamante, sent an email requesting for more information about Boston moving company sites on the Internet computer network. You see, Jun lives in Massachusetts and is currently on the lookout for professional movers in the area to transport his pool tables and billiards equipment.

My ever reliable online search tools brought back a ton of sites, including a familiar one - Humboldt Storage and Moving. For those not in the know, Humboldt is an independent moving company, and is known as the oldest and most experienced Boston moving company in Massachusetts. It employs teams of professional movers who manage both local and international moving tasks. These include automobile shipping, planning, employee relocation services, and storages services for various goodies, e.g., art pieces.

It may surprise some to know that Humboldt Storage and Moving was tasked by one customer to move a painting worth $135 million from New York to Los Angeles! And I kid you not! I guess it is all about Humboldt’s expertise in the business of packing, storing, moving, and unpacking that has made it a force to reckon with in the moving industry for more than 100 years! After all, moving and storage is more than just storage space, strong backs, good trucks, qualified movers, and certified drivers. Truth be told, it is all about trust, which has become synonymous with Humboldt Storage and Moving!


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