Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Predator World 14.1 Straightpool Championship: More Updates!

Predator World 14.1 Straightpool Championships GraphicBilliards buddies, pool players, and fans of the cue sport, here is another update on the prestigious 2008 Predator World 14.1 Straightpool Championship, being held at the Hilton Hotel in New Brunswick, New Jersey!

Sixteen pool players are still fighting it out! And I kid you not! Eight players are in the winners’ bracket, with Mika Immonen overcoming John Schmidt with 150-73. The Iceman advances to play former world 9-ball champion Thorsten Hohmann of Germany. Hohmann defeated Ralf Souquet with a 150-47 score.

The defending champion of the event, Oliver Ortmann, suffered a 150-140 loss to Mike Dechaine. Dechaine will square off against Niels Feijen, who humbled Ignacio Chavez with a 150-10 performance.

Corey Deuel, the 2008 Million Dollar 9-Ball Shootout champion, got the better of Raj Hundal with a 150-104 victory. Deuel will next play Filipino pool player Francisco Django Bustamante of Puyat Sports, who bested Danny Harriman with a 150-111 win.

Meanwhile, Thomas Engert advances to the winners’-side final eight with a 150-50 stoppage of Dominic Jentsch. Engert’s next opponent is none other than Nick Van Den Berg. Van Den Berg won over Radislaw Babica with a 150-103 score.

More developments on the one-loss side:

John Schmidt’s elimination of Allen Hopkins (150-111) will see him play Ralf Souquet, who sent Konstantin Stepanov packing with a 150-10.

Oliver Ortmann ousted Mike Sigel with a 150-105 win. Ortmann’s next challenge is Ignacio Chavez, who got the better of Steve Lipsky with an unbelievable 150-2 score!

Danny Harriman defeated Dan Barouty 150-91, and will come face to face with Huidji See, who bested Raj Hundal 150-70.

Jasmin Ouschan is also on the prowl, eliminating Radislaw Babica with an impressive 150-10 victory. She is scheduled to next play Dominic Jentsch, who ousted Vincent Facquet 150-80.

Stay tuned for more updates on the 2008 Predator World 14.1 Straightpool Championships, friends!

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