Monday, November 26, 2007

Niels Feijen aka The Terminator Performs Live at Absinth, Club Industry, and Ascend!

Niels Feijen ImageThe AnitoKid celebrated his 1st year anniversary as a blogger at the launch of Niels Feijen’s Cue Sessions Manila Tour at Absinth in Greenbelt 3, Makati City (November 21, 2007). Niels Feijen, aka The Terminator, is a multi-awarded pool player from Holland, The Netherlands. Feijen holds several championships and titles under his belt, e.g., 2007 Derby City Classic 9-ball, 2007 ESPN Challenge of Champions, and 2007 European Champion Straightpool.

Niels Feijen Graphic
Niels The Terminator Feijen ImageI know for a fact that Niels Feijen is a DJ, but I never guessed he was that good! The Terminator currently holds a reputation as one of the best DJs in Holland. And rightfully so! Niels wowed the crowd at Absinth with his specialties, which included progressive-house, tech-house, deep-house, house and techno! When not playing pool in the professional circuit, Niels Feijen spins at events in different bars from Germany, England, and France. The Terminator used to spin at the One Four club in Hague, Holland, for a number of years before becoming a resident DJ at de Kleine Kunst in his country of residence.

The Terminator Niels Feijen GraphicThe Terminator Niels Feijen ImageIt was like a get-together of sort because Absinth that night was filled with familiar clubbing faces and friends. They include siblings Gilbert and Dave, brothers Alan, Michael, and Noel, Sarah, Carla, Brandon, Lisa, Marilou, Jason, Letlet, Bange, Stephanie, and Jesse Gonzalez, the ultimate clubber and the man behind the event. Hey Jesse! Much thanks for the great experience! Food was great and the drinks were overflowing! As always, it was a night worth remembering! And I kid you not!

Niels The Terminator Feijen Graphic*Niels Feijen’s Cue Sessions was a three-part, three-day gig. The second part of the Manila Tour was held at the Club Industry in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The Terminator did the finale at Ascend, High Bonifacio Street, The Fort, Taguig City.

Niels Feijen aka The Terminator Graphic

"Clubbing - synonymous with The AnitoKid."

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Crown City Corey said...

[azbilliards] - Some video would be very cool.

Fanthom said...

[azbilliards] - The Dane must be having one hell of a time there. It's interesting that he's still there 2 weeks after the the conclusion of the WPC and not chasing some pool crown elsewhere. Then again he has $50k to blow from the Mohegan Sun win. He must have his girlfriend/wife with him.


chambalero said...

[azbilliards] - nice nick anitokid

Nagual said...

[azbilliards] - Make sure to check out his website
He's got some mixes available trough streaming there.
(His 259 break aswell)

When he's back in Holland I'm sure he'll write about his ventures in the Phillipines this year.


kaduku said...

[azbilliards] - Thank you for the updates AnitoKid.


Kimmo said...

[azbilliards] - the dane? or are you referring to his gf?
Last I checked he was dutch :)


Vahmurka said...

[azbilliards] - uh, didn't know Niels stayed in Manila that long! thanks for the news, pretty interesting. He was expected to show his DJ skill after a dinner with Dumaguete mayor but he said that he had to check the equipment first so that he knew what to deal with. He is a pro at everything!


Corvette1340 said...

[azbilliards] - DJ Niels on the ones and twos, yo!


fanthom said...

[azbilliards] - Ooops. You're right. For some reason, I thought he hailed from Denmark vs. Holland. Must be the blond hair or me having a blonde moment.

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