Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Predator Blak: The Most Beautiful Pool Cue Case Today!

Predator Blak Case Graphic

Billiards buddies and pool player friends, check out my new 2x4 Predator Blak case! The 2nd generation Predator pool cue case arrived direct from The Predator Group. 'Twas sent via UPS and came in a heavy-duty box and neatly packed with tons of bubble wrap. Much thanks to the guys who packed my stuff! As always, excellent work!

Predator Blak Case ImageCrafted in sleek black vinyl, The Predator Blak case features a couple of zippers (in black-matte finish) with the Predator Cat logo engraved on 'em! And do notice the cool centered strap and non-slip shoulder-pad designed for carrying comfort and flexibility!

Predator Blak Case Graphic

The bottom of the Predator Blak pool cue case features a heavy-duty rubber base accented with the Predator Cat logo! The heavy-duty, non-slip rubber base of the Predator Blak case allows it to remain in upright position - instantly - as one places it on the ground.

Predator Blak Case GraphicAnd complimenting the sleek black vinyl are stainless steel accents at the top and bottom of the Predator Blak case. It goes without saying that Predator Cat design elements are also featured on such! And oh! That's my case's serial number - 10048.

Predator Blak Case ImageThe specially designed carrying handle features steel pegs in black-matte finish, which compliment well the overall look of this very beautiful cue case!

Predator Blak Case GraphicThe 2x4 Predator Blak case comes with a specially-designed large side pocket with two separate compartments for the handles of the Predator Air jump cue! Now, how cool is that! The 15.5" x 6" large pocket has a depth of 1.5" - definitely more than enough space for one's billiards accessories and all! The small Pocket measures 3" x 10".

Predator Blak Case GraphicWait, there's more! Predator left no stone unturned in its efforts to make the Predator Blak case the coolest pool cue case on the planet today! Heavy-duty rivets and strap joints, all in black-matte finish, dot the back of the Predator Blak! The extra layer of leather that envelops the Predator Blak is more than just a decoration - it is like added protection, everyone!

Predator Blak Case GraphicThe Predator Cat logo proudly stands out in the centered strap and non-slip shoulder-pad of the Predator Blak case - all designed with carrying comfort and flexibility in mind!

Predator Blak Case imageMore heavy-duty rivets and strap joints - all in black-matte finish - at the bottom of my 2x4 Predator Blak cue case!

Predator Blak Case GraphicHave you seen anything sleeker? Or cooler? Or more beautiful than the Predator Blak? Believe you me, you will be hard pressed trying to find one! And lest I forget, the lid of the Predator Blak fits snugly with the main body of the case. A certain amount of force is needed to completely open the lid to get the cues out. Thus, zero accidents to one's precious! Weight? No concern here as my 2x4 Predator Blak weighs less than my 2x4 Instroke Leather Cowboy!

Predator Blak Case Graphic Everyone, as in everyone, who has seen my Predator Blak is just impressed with it! Both professional and amateur pool players from the pool capital of the world highlight the excellent workmanship and fine materials used in making the Predator Blak! It definitely commands attention, y'all!

Predator Blak Case GraphicFor all its beauty, the Predator Blak case reminds everyone IT IS what’s inside that counts – and, believe you me, what’s inside this case counts a lot! Check out my weapons of choice, i.e., Predator Congo Special Edition #19 with the Predator 314-2 shaft, Predator BK2 break cue, and the Predator Air jump cue.

Predator Blak Case ImageAll in all, the Predator Blak case is more than what I expected! Truth be told, I knew it was going to be one beautiful case - but IT IS more than that! IT IS AWESOMELY COOL! Indeed, it is the most beautiful pool cue case on the planet today! And I kid you not!

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