Monday, June 9, 2008

Predator P3 Pool Cue: Changing the Game of Billiards Forever!

The much-awaited Info on the Predator P3 pool cue is finally here! Engineered and designed to change the game of billiards forever, the Predator P3 pool cue features a revolutionary 30-piece construction with dense ash core to give billiards players astoundingly solid feel, better straightness, and dead-on accuracy! The Predator P3 pool cue, which integrates a Uni-Loc joint with Balinit coating, also has a customizable Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge System that allows one to fine-tune the P3 within a 10th of an ounce! Awesome!

Predator P3 Pool Cue Image
The Predator P3’s 30 pieces and reinforced joint come together seamlessly for one incredibly solid feel and one dangerously accurate pool cue! The P3’s unparalleled 30 pieces are spread over three layers of 10 pieces each, i.e., a hard maple outer layer, a dense ash core in the middle, and a 10-piece inner core of hard maple. The three layers are engineered to work in harmony to optimize stiffness for improved feedback and incredible playability! In c
omparison to a butt made of one piece wood, the three layers of the Predator P3 rest against one another to stand up to environmental variables, giving it one amazing longevity! Incredible!

Predator P3 Pool Cue Graphic

The middle of the Predator P3’s there layers features an ash core. As everyone knows, ash wood, used in snooker because of its naturally high density and stiffness, has an even high density than maple. Thus, with ash at the heart of the P3, pool players will get the unprecedented solid feel and greater straightness they crave! The number of hard maple pieces and layers has been increased in the P3 – adding up to the cue’s durability while providing the flexibility to use different woods for the cue’s outer layer without comprising feel and stability. That’s one amazing feat of engineering!

Predator P3 Graphic

With regards the reinforced joint of the P3, the wood around the P3’s joint has been exchanged with phenolic parts, leading to a stronger, more durable joint area, and better overall longevity. And the stronger joint also means straighter shots when you need them most!

Predator P3 Pool Cue Graphic

The customizable Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge System in the P3 provides one with the most accurate weight-tuning system on the market! With up to 30 possible weight combinations, the P3 can make even the best player that much better! When you own the Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit, with its eight different cartridges and special installation tool, everything you need to improve your game is literally in the palm of your hard! Connect to your cue and your game like never before!

And what about the wrap, you asked? Predator left no stone unturned with the P3! The Predator P3, which comes in metallic black with gray matte stripe, chrome butt cap and collar, with cat accents, features the three-layer Leather Luxe+ wrap that has built-in absorption materials! The Leather Luxe+ is a softer-than-leather, moisture-absorption wrap. It is made of three distinct layers, i.e., poly-urethane, which lets humidity and sweat pass through to the second layer so that your hand stays dry; cushion, which absorbs and releases the moisture; and sealer, which is the layer closest to the cue – it protects and blocks the cue from moisture, thus increasing its longevity!

Predator P3 Image

Incredible? Amazing? Awesome? A revolution! Truth be told, it’s so difficult to find one word to describe the Predator P3 pool cue! The P3 technology is nothing like anyone has ever seen or heard before! With the P3 technology, the game of billiards will definitely change forever! Indeed, Predator has done it again! And I honestly feel that I have found the perfect reason to retire my P2! And I kid you not!

*The P3 will officially make its debut in October 2008!
**more info from the Predator site

"The AnitoKid loves Predator"

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Anonymous said...

06/09/2008 ; 11:26:00: wpc

I've seen the P3 product page, read everything, and I must say....They sure do make it sound good!

On top of that, their technological reasoning seems to be sound as well. But as the saying goes, the proof of the pie is in the eating! I've tried just about every engineered shaft to see marketing hype is as good as they claim it to be. Most of their claims I've found out to be true, but situational. Mostly true only when in airconditioned environments. If I played with the same engineered cue in a hot and humid room, it's playability changes drastically. I just don't know about this P3 thingie if it'll still be the same.

It looks (and sounds) nice...TY Anitokid!


Anonymous said...

06/09/2008 ; 14:31:40: wpc

well, the hype is their marketing strategy. of course to lure pool enthusiast that have the dinero to buy.

well, let's wait for the reviews of those who would buy this new P3.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Kill-shot & Baguhan:

Predator makes some of the best quality cues
in the industry. The Predator P2 was one of
the first cues I bought and it has remained
one of my favorite pool cues.

And I kid you not when i say that I'm quite excited
with the P3, friends!

And with what I've read and heard about the P3's Uni-Loc
weight cartridge system, 30-piece construction, and
Leather Luxe+ wrap, I can't wait to try one!


Anonymous said...

06/09/2008: 19:29:42: wpc

Good for you Anitokid!

Let us know how it hits.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Will do! :)

Unknown said...

Replying to the following comments:

If I played with the same engineered cue in a hot and humid room, it's playability changes drastically.

I didn't read all the comments, so I don't know if someone already said what I'm about to say. As far as humidity changing the play, that will happen no matter what cue you use!! I don't have a predator, but am interested in the Z2 shaft. The reason why I say that is cause humidity dampens the cloth, rails and everything which changes how the balls roll, bank, etc... What in you you are perceiving to be the cue changing things is probably more the table conditions. That's not to say heat won't change how a cue plays, I'm not a cue expert.

My 2 Cents,

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Wow! That's the second time I've
heard about the effect of humidity on play and all!

My billiards buddy, Dad Charlie, mentioned it to me a week ago.

Will check this thing out!


balabushka cues said...

good post about anitokid. thank you.

It's always a runout at The Runout TV!