Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stylish Web Design: More Than A Web Design Blog!

Stylish Web Design GraphicOne of my billiards buddies, Michael Paul Lacap, sent me an email asking about for information about a post I did on the interesting Stylish Web Design. Stylish Web Design is a web design blog that also focuses on finance, health, the Internet, money, life and personal thoughts, programming, technology, tools, and videos.

Stylish Web Designdesign blog entries dwell on a number of subjects, e.g., daylighting design, people working in visual effects, landscape design and landscape designers, management concerns related to designers, interfacing with rapidly advancing technology. Pretty interesting topics!

And lest I forget, the custom web design blog also has some interesting entries under its technology section. These entries focus on topics on the definition of value in relation to the worth or utility of something, the correlation between high tech and complex scientific processes, virtual offices, the effects of free online games on children, and more. A particular topic that caught my attention was an entry regarding blog owner Atila Gombos’ thoughts on purchasing a new Acer Ferrari, specifically the Acer Ferrari 4000 notebook! The blogger and I share a common wish – to acquire that beautiful laptop – and soon! And I kid you not! Do check out Stylish Web Design! It could be an interesting read, friends!


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