Monday, May 12, 2008

Stylish Web Design: Creative Business Solutions!

Stylish Web Design ImageI chanced upon a very interesting site – Stylish Web Design, which blogs about webdesign, money, and life. Stylish Web Design features the Stylish Weblog, a personal blog written and edited by Atila Gombos, which accepts various forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions, and other forms of compensation.

Stylish Weblog offers a number of design blog posts that could be helpful to those wanting to monetize their experience over the Internet computer network. These design blog articles focus on topics such as improving one’s browsing experience using Google Pack, The MINDBODY scheduling and business management system, tips on exchanging information with business partners, factors to consider when selling on Google Base or on eBay, etc.

Another interesting topic discussed by Atila Gombos in his Stylish Web Design pertains to user accounts, with emphasis on user account control behavior. Now, this particular post on user accounts generated a ton of reader comments and feedback – 119 comments and counting, friends! The post ends with a very interesting thought about disabling the User Account Control in Vista – or why one shouldn’t disable it in the first place!

And lest I forget, Stylish Web Design also has an interesting post about spyware community, focusing on membership concerns related to spyrware communities, i.e., Windows Defender tool and the two levels of SpyNet membership. This, too, has generated a long line of comments – 50 plus comments and counting!

For those wanting a good read on webdesign and how to monetize one’s experience over the World Wide Web, do check out the very interesting Stylish Web Design! It is an interesting read! And I kid you not!


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