Friday, May 16, 2008

Casino Newbies for Novice Internet Gamblers!

Casino Newbies Image

My online billiards friends from Spain sent me another email about the site I found after using the keywords online casino guide sites - Casino Newbies. My online buddies were very much intrigued with Casino Newbies, which features itself as an online casino guide for novice internet gamblers.

As I’ve mentioned, those new to online casinos will have a blast at Casino Newbies, particularly with regards to its online casino reviews, free flash casino games and casino tutorial features. However, me and my online friends did notice something about the news updates at the online site – they were old news. Hmmm, I guess the Casino Newbies webmaster is quite busy and all with updating the reviews featured at its site.

Thus, we focused our attention to the reviews found at Casino Newbies. The reviews are very descriptive and information, and includes highlights on a number of popular online casinos on the Internet computer network. These include Intercasino Online Casino, Ballys Casino Las Vegas, Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel Casino, Hard Rock Hotel Casino Las Vegas, Rosy Palace Casino, Wynn Las Vegas Casino Resort, JacpotCityCasino, and more! The very descriptive reviews offered at Casino Newbies give novice Internet gamblers a good glimpse on the online casinos available to them. And I kid you not!


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