Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WaMu's Savings Accounts: More Info!

Remember the post I did for savings accounts sites and all before I received emails and phone calls concerning the 7.8 earthquake that hit China? My search on savings accounts brought me to WaMu, which offers its savings accounts and certificate of deposit (CD) services to allow one to realize their savings goals.

WaMu Savings Accounts Graphic

I did another browse on WaMu and learned that when one opens an account with them, i.e., WaMu Free Checking, customers will receive the Relationship Interest Rate/APY. And that’s not all! WaMu's basic savings account reputedly offers high yields, thus, allowing clients to realize their savings goals in a shorter time span! The online savings account also comes with free bank checks and money orders! And I kid you not! Moreover, anyone can view their respective savings accounts statement online or via a single monthly statement! And with WaMu’s Automatic Savings Plan, one can transfer funds from a checking account to savings account! Coolness!

Besides savings accounts, WaMu offers a ton of services, including checking accounts, money market accounts, credit cards, CDs and CRAs, home loans and mortgages, and home equity loans and lines. As I mentioned before, WaMu offers itself as informal, friendly and fun – taking their customers’ money seriously but not themselves. WaMu also talks to customers in a straightforward manner using everyday language – absolutely no bank talk! Indeed, WaMu could be a very interesting banking experience. And a refreshing one, too!


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