Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memory Upgrades at Memory Deal!

Memory Deal GraphicOne of my best friends in the billiards world, Ronald Allan Q. Reyes, asked me to check out Memory Deal, a new online online memory product provider that aims to offer customers the exact same RAM modules that computer OEMs install at the factory.

As everyone knows, adding extra memory (RAM) is the simplest and most cost-effective way of upgrading one computer, several machines, or even an entire network. Doubling the memory of most computers can often be done for less than $100/machine. However, adding memory can result in problems and concerns if the wrong kind of RAM or size of memory module is utilized! And I kid you not! These problems can be compounded, thus becoming very expensive, when purchasing memory upgrades for entire IT departments, government offices, schools, and corporate offices! Take the case of Dell. Each Dell computer uses a particular brand, size, and level of RAM module for a reason. And the same goes for the other computer makers, e.g., IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Apple Inc.

And what sets Memory Deal apart from other online sites offering memory upgrades, e.g., 2GB memory upgrades, 4GB memory upgrades, or 8GB memory upgrades? Its guarantee, of course! Memory Deal guarantees to help customers avoid the pitfalls of upgrading computer memory with a one-of-a-kind online service that guarantees all memory modules purchased and acquired are an exact match of those originally installed at the factory! Now, that’s one sweet guarantee in my book! Or in anyone’s book! Memory Deal’s new service eliminates the potential risks of memory upgrades by insuring that levels of RAM modules remain the same as computer makers installed at the factory when the computer systems were first built.


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