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Edgar Boyet Asonto: Coach of the Philippine Billiards Team!

Edgar Boyet Asonto ImageMy good friend, the Coach of the Philippine Billiards Team, Edgar “Boyet” Asonto, is one of the best gifted players in the Philippine pool scene. Always straightforward and very accommodating, Boyet Asonto truly is a notable billiard figures in the country today!

He is credited with honing the playing skills of Rubilen Amit, aka Bingkay, and turning her from a club player to a world class champion. For those who may not be too familiar with Rubilen Amit, Bingkay is currently the Philippines’ numero uno female billiards player. She is
a back-to-back SEA Games gold medalist and was 1st Runner Up in the 2007 Amway Women’s 9-ball Championship.

And lest I forget, Iris Ranola and Mary Ann Basas are also under Boyet
Asonto’s wings. Iris Ranola, a Bronze Medalist in the 2007 SEA Games, just made her successful debut in the United States via two very exciting wins in two legs of the WPBA. Mary Ann Basas is a Silver Medalist in the snooker event of the 2007 SEA Games.

Edgar Boyet Asonto Graphic

Known as someone who is all heart when it comes to billiards, Edgar Boyet Asonto, in his stint as Coach of the Philippine Billiards Team, has successfully devised drills designed to significantly improve a pool player’s playing skills. His drills include sets geared towards intense pocketing, effective position play, and excellent cue ball control.

And believe you me, I have personally seen and witnessed first hand (sometimes for hours on end) how Boyet Asonto conducts his daily training and preparation for international competition for the Philippine Billiards Team! The drills are intense, effective, and personalized! Such takes into careful consideration a player’s respective strengths and weaknesses, steadily honing them to their optimum potential and more!

The Coach firmly believes that each player is different one another, thus, the need for a personalized approach when designing a billiards training program aimed at both local and international competitions. And truth be told, nobody does it better than Boyet Asonto! And I kid you not!

Edgar Boyet Asonto Image

I remember the time that Coach Boyet Asonto had the entire Philippine Team practice at GameBall on December 1, 2007, the last Saturday before their departure for the 2007 SEA Games on December 4, 2007! Such Saturdays are usually reserved for the personal itineraries of the individual members of the Philippine Team, but the Coach wouldn’t have it any other way! He really wanted the Philippine Team to bring home the gold! And bring home the gold they did!

I also remember the talk we had on the night before the Philippine Team’s departure for Thailand. Boyet Asonto confided in me his desire to see gold for all members of the Philippine Billiards Team. He talked about the weather, playing conditions, travel time, etc. and how these variables will tend to influence the respective strengths and weaknesses of the players. Boyet Asonto also dwelled on the psychological aspects of the game that night! Indeed, Boyet Asonto truly knows his job! Because after all is said and done, billiards is one tough mental game!

The Coach deals with the psychological aspects of the game via one-on-one sessions with the players – sharing his experience in a way that could only be described by two words – ALL HEART! He strongly feels that each player has that sense of nervousness, butterflies, and all. But what sets champions apart from good players is how the former handle such feelings and using then to be their strength and more during crunch time – truly delivering the winning shots and the winning moments when they count most!

Indeed, in so little time, Edgar Asonto, aka Boyet, Coach of the Philippine Team has done so much for the sport and its players! And never did he ask anything in return for his accomplishments, hard work, and dedication – none whatsoever! And pare ko, I’ve said it once, but please allow me to say it again: I am very honored, and prouder still, to be one of your close friends on and off the pool scene! On a personal note, you have always been like the big brother I never had. Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat, pare ko! And for all your accomplishments – past, present, and future, congratulations, my friend for a job well done! Indeed, you trained them hard and you trained them well! All the best!

*And oh! Just like The AnitoKid, Coach Boyet Asonto is available for lessons, consultations, training camps, speaking engagements, workshops, seminars, conferences, and coaching duties. You can reach him at

"A hat tip to Boyet Asonto from The Anitokid!"

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