Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BFAD Asks: Who Pulled the Rabbit from the White Rabbit Candy?

From ABS-CBN Interactive:
  • The Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) on Tuesday ordered the pullout of four Chinese products from the market after testing positive for formalin.

    A-Kid: And to think that the candies melted nicely in one's mouth. Not in the hands. Tsk.

  • Distributors of the White Rabbit creamy candy, Milk Candy, Bairong grape biscuits and Yong Kang Foods Grape Biscuit had been given 15-30 days to pull out their products.

    A-Kid: That is too long! 3-5 days is fair in my book.

  • BFAD tests revealed that the four products contained formaldehyde or formalin.

    A-Kid: Now, who do you think we should disinfect or embalm by letting them eat a ton of White Rabbit?

  • Consumers of the products are advised to call BFAD's hotline 842-5606 to report any health concerns after eating any of the products.

    A-Kid: Naks! Hotline! Coolness! Dial 842 what?

  • Ramos clarified that BFAD has no police powers to force the distributors to pull out the products from the market. He said letters will be sent to distributors advising them that the products can only be sold if they are proven safe.

    A-Kid: Hmmm. Something's wrong here. I can't seem to put my finger on it.

  • BFAD clarified that it is not singling out products imported from China. It said that it is only protecting the Filipino consumers from harmful products.

    A-Kid: No! No! No! No! Of course not! Now, if only BFAD has the power to protect the Filipino people from corrupt politicians and government agency heads. (corruption is harmful)

  • Bulacan Rep. Reylinda Nicolas called for the cancellation of import permits of firms that will continue to distribute unsafe Chinese products.

    A-Kid: Now, we're getting somewhere!

  • Nicolas highlighted the need to strictly monitor importers of these products. The government should order the immediate closure of companies importing tainted goods from China.

    A-Kid: Tainted goods. Tainted love.

  • BFAD imposed new rules for the distribution of imported food products in the country after receiving reports of unsafe Chinese food products. China's safety standards have come under intense international criticism amidst reports of fake, shoddy or dangerous goods emanating from the nation's chaotic and corrupt food and drug industry.

    A-Kid: A haiku for BFAD
    BFAD not a fad!
    BFAD you are not that bad!

    And I kid you not!

  • Chinese officials blame foreign media for exaggerating the issue.

    A-Kid: But it admits that there is a serious problem with food hygiene and safety standards in the nation of 1.3 billion people. These include:
    • Toxic seafood
    • virus-plagued pigs
    • chemical-laden toothpaste

  • China this week executed the former head of its food and drug safety watchdog for corruption, in what was widely seen as an attempt by the government to show its seriousness about the problem.

    A-Kid: Really? You're not pulling my leg now, are you? Now, if we can only implement such executions here for corrupt government officials and the likes! Heads will definitely roll! And I kid you not!


exskindiver said...

first you blogged about tetris and then now white rabbit??
AK, you have your finger on the pulse of my addictions!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Ha ha! With this post, you will lose one of your addictions! And I kid you not!

Batang Yagit said...

What? Totoo? may formaldehyde ang white rabbit. Favorite ko pa naman to. tsk tsk tsk.

kegler747 said...

Oh! what the heck... nothing can stop me from eating chinese foods :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Yes, kabayan. Sad news indeed! Tsk.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

They have to clear this mess! Imagine the torture to all White Rabbit fans! hi hi hi

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